Please listen to my voice.

Dear Self, 

Be easier on yourself. Be easier on others. But most importantly, continue on being who you are. Don't let others sway you from your purpose or goals and don't down play who you are, so they feel better about themselves. But you are human. You make mistakes. You are good people. You just gotta remember who you are , where you came from and that you do matter.

But for those times when you feel like you have hit your stride and your mouth gets ahead of your head remember a few things. 

  • Be kind in your words
  • Silence has more power than unkindness
  • Choose goodness and love
  • Let your voice shine through…sometimes it isn't always about talking
  • Just because someone doesn't validate/value your experience does NOT mean it has no value or validation
  • Feeling is a choice
  • Love always wins be it love of a job, a person, a place, a situation 
  • There is goodness in you
  • There is goodness in others
  • But there are others out there who will bring about your "bad"ness, don't let em'

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