100 Days of Happy

Who couldn't use more happy in their life? I know I could use it. About a week ago I saw friend that started this and I was pretty much sold on the spot. My life is in a weird spot right now. That is no secret. But there is happiness all around. I realize I am at a point where I need to force myself to see it. The more I see it the more I believe it. 

Signing up is easy and I encourage you to do it. Heaven knows we need more happiness in the world. #100happydays . You can hashtag whatever you want and share where you want. You just gotta share what is making you happy in the world. I plan to share anywhere and everywhere. 

For day #1  -  After this post yesterday morning, I decided I needed to do some birthday shopping for # 3 and spend some quality time with the other two. We needed to talk about how Dad had been feeling and how it made them feel. I had been doing a little too much avoiding. It was time. So while we were out shopping we were trying on goofy sunglasses and using weird accents. It clicked in this moment that this was what 100 days of happy was about. In this moment, trigemenial neuralgia didn't exist and hardship and grief didn't exist. We were just three silly girls bonding over stylish glasses and shopping endorphins. 


Day # 2 – This was a little more difficult today. I am not sure why. My guy woke up and wasn't feeling the best and decided to do something that makes him feel worse. He mowed. He was being a stubborn guy refusing to rest. I was a stubborn wife who just wanted him to sit down and relax and was super grumpy because he wouldn't. I ended up frustrated with him. So frustrated I knew it was best to just take the girls out for lunch and a quick errand. And that is what we did. And bam there goes that moment again. They were all working on a crossword puzzle. They were talking about my PhD program and asked if I was going to make them call me doctor. For awhile I convinced them yes. It would be required to call me Dr. Mom. This was all while doing a crossword puzzle. Happy moment # 2 not only noticed but stretched out by the awesome suggestions for conversations on the kids menu at Bob Evans. And no I am not joking! 



It is only day two and I realize there is a lot of happiness. My life is good. Yes parts are really painful. But my heart is happy and loved. I have three amazing daughters who we wanted so badly and I have a husband who loves me so much! That is so very much to be happy for. I am working in a position that fulfills my dream both of teaching and reaching students through writing. It also allows me to pursue my PhD. I am one lucky lady. That alone right there is a whole lotta happy. 

But I won't discount my sad either. It has a place and honestly to appreciate the happy you have to wade through the sad. As well, I think we push people to much to always just present the happy and shush and shame the sad. 

For now I am wading into both waters which also means each can easy appreciate the other. I am okay though. Life is okay. Happiness always finds a way! And happiness to me is love. To repeat: Love always wins! 


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