For every minute you are angry…

You lose sixty seconds of happiness.” Or so says Ralph Waldo Emerson and he is kind of like the go to guy for quotes. He knows his happiness quotes peeps! So go ahead be happy. Life is too short to not be! 

Day # 5 – This is baby girl #2. The one who we bumped upto 1st grade her 2nd week of kindergarten. After we made that move the ride was bumpy. She struggled emotionally. We struggled emotionally. But she did it. We made it. We all made it. And she is doing it with straight A’s and a ridiculously high lexile level. It took its time, but we figured it out. This is her best friend. A friend we were worried she wouldn’t find. This is huge for her. My # 2 is and will do amazing things in this world! 


Day # 6 – It was mid-week the week before finals and finishing up testing. Waiting to tell kidsour super freaking awesome ECA results. We had an amazingly high passing rate. Good things are happening at my school. This chocolate was just one of them!


Day # 7 – The last day of school for baby girls. Baby girls who are all about to go around another year. #1 is almost 13 and a 7th grader and straight A’s with distinction meaning all year long she tackled those grade while fighting a bad asthma/allergy year. She missed quite a bit of school and still kicked it. Then my #2 and you know her deal from above. She was also promoted to 5th grade which means she is in the middle school now. This momma can barely handle it. And just cause I feel like I gotta my #3 is heading off to the big kindergarten next year.


Day # 8 – This year has been hard for KPuff and I. We went through some rough stuff this year. We live less than half a mile from one another but both struggled in our own individual ways to keep it together. While I was dealing with keeping my husband both going and healthy she, too, was dealing with a pinched nerve in her back that required surgery and a tough recovery. I am so used to doing things with her and being with her so much that this year I fear we both felt so alone and isolated when we were not. It was hard. But our friendship has been in tact. This is the real deal. I know that because the way my heart feels on days like this. Her 40th birthday. I know she is struggling because it is fourty, but I can only hope to wear 40 so good. There was a pretty private moment between myself, her and my husband this year that is forever emblazened on my heart. It will forever remind me that she loves me. She loves my family and that I am blessed to call her my best friend.


Life is happy people even if you have to go out there and look for it. But I promise if you do, you won’t have to look far. It might be in a friendship that withstands the test of time and hardship or in a moment of success of a job well done or just in the simplicity of celebrating the last day of school. Life is happy. Life is love.

100 Days of Happy Day 8 and Counting….


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