I am gonna do what I usually do.

Blogging will happen this summer because I actually have time for it. That is what happens…Fall Break…Christmas Break….Spring Break…Summer Break. It happens because I have time and then I think I will make time but then there is golf, softball, dance and piano. Throw in many other school related events, illnesses and TN. My life is full. 

I am getting better at not promising though. At one break (Christmas I think) I was just honest. It won't always happen. It can't. But my blogging identity won't die. I am fairly certain in the next day or so I will be treking back over to my wordpress blog. My original MommyRhetoric blog with years of history.

I took it offline because I struggled with students stumbling on it and they did. I worried of the impressions they would have of me. And it isn't so much that I try and hide who I am really am. Trust me I know they know exactly who I am. They tell me. But I do struggle with this idea of my identity being public somehow exposing their identities. 

I purposefully do not post any information about my students. I will not do. I have three daughters and would be supremely mad if one of my children's things ended up on their blog/social media. I even try to not even really tell too many classroom stories. I am conservative I am aware. But I have kids and I know how I would feel. I only post it if I can truly make their identities obsolete. 

Therefore, I worry that my blog will somehow over expose them. But my original mommyrhetoric was me. I am quite certain that my biggest issue with writing right now is that my life has changed so drastically since working full time that I cannot talk about one of the biggest parts of my life. My professional self. But I gotta be honest, I miss that. I really mourn at the thought of not discussing my PhD stuff with my readers. Alas, I have made the decision to move the blog. 

To try and think more critically about how I can protect myself and therefore them. I see others who do it quite well so I know I can. I just gotta trust my own judgement. I will keep this one here and probably try and transfer what posts I can. 

Get ready….we are moving!

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