Welcome back!

I spruced the place up a bit and cleaned up my posts. I will try and upload my previous posts. I do have a weird question…Why is that I don’t feel like a true blogger unless I am here? I have come and gone from this site so much in my blogging days since 2009 when I switched from The Labor of Love to WordPress. Each time I deleted my previous posts.

“There is a kind of magicness about going far away and then coming back all changed.”
― Kate Douglas WigginNew Chronicles of Rebecca

I was Shannone424Sentimental but Crazy, I was Momma’s on the edge and I was a few people between. It was only this last little blog switch from here to Typepad that I was smart and decided to keep my blog, but set it to private. I was always coming here and reading my writing.

This is true Shannon. True because I am mommyrhetoric. I have been for years. I am gonna try and keep this one going. My heart, my soul is here. It always has been!

What is in a name, a place an internet persona? I am not exactly sure. All I know is I have never ever explored my own thoughts, writing more than I did here this last go around. I have the stats to prove that. So here I am. All of me. Like it or not.

I will probably keep my twitter feed private because my students find it. I keep it on lock down. If you want to follow me send me a request and I will follow you. It is @mommyrhetoric & also that with instagram. I must admit I am not a huge intsagram user. It just seems like another social media platform to update on. I may try. We shall see.


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