Saturday Sharing: Getting Ready for Summer!

It has been awhile old friend. Saturday sharing linkage was one of my most favorite things. Mostly because I get to talk a lot about a lot in a little space. Anyone who knows me, knows this is my specialty. This week’s Saturday Sharing is brought you to courtesy of the teacher life (aka summers off). I know when I was working I balked at getting summers off. “Must be nice,” I would say. Now I get it. Time off is essential. Burn out comes rapidly in the Spring. It isn’t so much about the time off, but the change of pace. The pace after spring break is hot and heavy. Assessments both district and state and then just general work that needs to be accomplished before year end. Add in a healthy dose of figuring out curriculum for next year and this teacher needs a break. Oh and I essentially had the worst year of my adult life this year. There is that. But I ain’t here to rehash that for now.

For this summer’s plans and the linkage that will ensue….

Netflix Sharing…

OrangeI didn’t buy into the whole netflix thing back when it blew up a little over a year ago. Well I did buy into it because my kiddos did. And it was nice because I could use it to support curriculum in the classroom. But then Dawson’s Creek was there. A show that I seen most of the episodes but had not ever found on my satellite the rest I had missed. Thus came my obsession. And when I say obsession I am not lying. The joke with my students was that I had an issue. I would manage to squeeze in 27 episodes in a weekend. Less you think that is unhealthy imagine me cooking to the tune of Pacey and Joey’s latest drama or doing my hair in the morning to another whiny Dawson break up. Then it was One Tree Hill. One I was talked into by my students. Admittedly I watched the last three seasons on TV. I loved every second. Those characters got me through some dark times at home. Then the Borgias, then a movie intermixed here and there and then I found Orange is the New Black. I had no idea it was even coming back for a second season yesterday. I finished their 1st season in four days. I am predicting a Netflix heavy summer. Please tell me if you know of good shows. I highly recommend OITNB. I won’t lie there is some sexual references and scenes. But they are all situated so funny that it just works. Those are the shows that I watch. My # 3 is obsessed with My Little Pony so she watches it all the time through our Wii. My # 1 is into the BBC type shows like Dr. Who. So the small monthly fee is worth its weight in gold!

Vincennes University Sharing…

This summer I am teaching for my school’s sponsoring university. The course is a remedial class to help students prepare to take my writing course in the fall. It also gives them pre-reqs to other dual credit courses they need to take. I won’t lie I never heard much about VU until I worked for them. They are a 2 year university and most of their degrees are associates. However, they have been expanding to four year degrees. The one thing though that they really seem to understand is dual credit programs. They like the early college format or the idea of high school students taking college courses. Their program for the second is called Project Excel. In April, I went to the campus and met with the English department. It was a really nice visit and I was superbly impressed overall with it. I am eager to begin working more intensely with them. Our juniors can now take most of the classes I am qualified to teach. The course I am teaching starts next week and I am co-teaching it so it is a short stint. I am headed there next week to work on curriculum and just general school stuff.

Chicago Sharing…

We struggled deciding on going on vacation this year. We went last year and had such a great time at Gatlinburg Falls Resort. We were gonna gosox again, but then TN happened and we both kind of just let that idea die. Not necessarily about the money, but more about staying close to home and close to his doctors. We decided to drive north. We are going to stay with my brother and sister in law for a few days. We are going to see my family. I bought my guy White Sox Tickets for Father’s Day. We have to take # 3 to the American Girl Store. I also thought we may stay downtown Chicago one night. My next decision is do we go to Michigan for a few days and stay somewhere there? Do we go to the Indiana Dunes? Do we drive even more north and go to Wisconsin Dells? Regardless, we will be traveling. # 1 does travel softball and has games all over. We really only have two free weekends this whole summer until school starts. We are planning to take a few more from softball. It can get overwhelming with every single weekend spent at the softball diamonds, eating travel food and peeing in traveling bathrooms (sorry not lying here).

School’s Out Sharing…

I need books people! I want to read. I want to read old fashioned books from the book store. The real deal. Not on my ipad. Ones that I can touch, smell and enjoy! I want to redecorate my classroom. We went through a new type of lock-down training and I feel like I want to move my room around for safety purposes. As well, I am kind of tired of things. I need change. I will be updating with that as well! You all probably remember the first go around with that.

Well on this Saturday we are making our way to Bob Evans for # 3’s birthday lunch. We didn’t want to travel to the big city on the day of. I have a ton of grading to do to complete this semester and year. I hope to finish it today. I am going to grocery store. I have to take # 3 to her recital tonight. And the I plan to finish the evening with a date with my guy by the fire. I feel like I have not seen him. He had golf sectionals this week, work and then he worked for the Sheriff last night. It is time! ❤


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