Come on get happy!

Do you realize how much the happiness project has affected just the people in my own life? I have had people start after me. I have had numerous comments in public and out and about. People are eager to see what is making me happy today. People want to find their own happiness. I suppose that is the purpose behind a movement like this, huh? The person who started it knew exactly what they were doing.

I also realized that sometimes my life is boring. But that boring often equals happiness for me. My life has been so filled with drama that I welcome the boring. I welcome the slow and easy coffee filled mornings of making breakfast or preparing lunch for the day. That is happiness if you ask me.

“The real things haven’t changed. It is still best to be honest and truthful; to make the most of what we have; to be happy with simple pleasures; and have courage when things go wrong.” 
― Laura Ingalls Wilder

I suppose I owe you a picture or two. I realized I hadn’t shared since day 8. So what do ya say? Day # 9 it is….I was grateful for having the ability to buy groceries both the means and the freedom. I dislike the grocery bill in the summer very much. But…I am grateful for the the food and time with my girls to eat it together.


Day # 10  – I saw a friend experimenting with making meatballs and I felt inspired to do them myself. I used to cook for my ladies all the time, but my hours aren’t very good and add in the extra time we had to go because of our winter. But I drove straight home, no complaining, and was so happy to whip them out in about 20 minutes. My girls may have had to wait about 15 minutes longer for dinner but it was homemade by me, not Schwans.


Day #11 – I got this awesome flower from a student. I actually got quite a bit of stuff from my students for the end of the year. Most of all of it was personal as I find that stuff so sentimental and I usually place it on my wall. I had to take a shot of this, so I could move it off my desk and to the wall. I am glad for this stuff. It reminds me of my purpose. I am here to change lives. So far, I am doing that. High expectations from me, means high expectations from themselves.



Day # 12 – Right now the most difficult part of raising three girls is how much they argue. It makes me crazy. When I came home from work this day they were all huddled around playing a connected game on their devices and getting along. It is rare, so I was happy!



Day #13 – It was my baby girl # 3’s 5th birthday! It was my last day of work, so she got up extra early to give me these birthday smiles. She is my miracle baby that wasn’t supposed to make it, be healthy and survive. She had proved us all wrong since the very beginning. I love my Banana Girl so very much!



Day # 14 – And on this day I was feeling super wheezy, sick and just bleh! Thankfully, I found happiness in the new season of Orange is the New Black, my bed and inhaler. Life was good that day. I took three naps. That is pure happiness.



Day # 15 – We owed # 3 a birthday meal at her favorite restaurant. She requested Bob Evans and on the day of her birthday I had to work and felt so horrible. Thankfully and happily, by Saturday I felt more human and we trekked our way into the big city and had her birthday dinner. The best part though was watching her play Tic Tac Toe with Dad. Her method to winning was to place her finger over the spot she wanted next. Needless to say she won every single round.


Day # 16 – I have been gearing up all day for a business trip for school on Monday. I have to head off to our sponsoring university again and do some staff development. It will be an awesome time and I am so happy for the opportunity to be on a college campus. That is honestly probably the thing I miss the most is the freedom and environment. So I am kinda sad today saying good bye for two days to my lovely ladies and my guy. But hanging out by the pool as they swam certainly was fun!



Join the 100 Days of Happiness or just check out mine!



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