Just Write: Value

I wonder what it will take? Will it be then, or that moment you dreamed of? Or that moment when you finally feel like your voice is heard? Is it a piece of paper or is it a paycheck? Is it your Facebook likes? Or the success of your children? 30000 views on your blog and the instant you are considered a you tube sensation? Is it your job title or is it the kindness you give to others?

What is it actually gonna take for you to be okay? A question that exists day. A value 20140609-230638-83198227.jpgthat one finds in themselves or a value that someone assigns us. You tell yourself you know the answer, but in reality you know the true answer. There is no answer. Usually.

The same brown eyed, brown haired girl who grew up on Jefferson. The one who got out of her neighborhood and changed the cycle. The one who never, ever took the easy path. You talk too much, but you don’t say enough. Your story, their story. But no one wants to hear it. You know, the heart knows. So speak it.

You fight the battle of that girl every day. You are enough, you will always be enough but you have to see it. You saw early your ticket out and you have worked hard to get that thing signed.

So so sign it. Don’t look back. Don’t say no because it is easy. Say yes because it is hard. You are your story….now go write it.

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