Saturday Sharing….

I am out and about this Saturday morning so you are getting me on Friday night. We are headed to Indianapolis to see my Pops and to a graduation party. I am so excited to see my Dad. Last time I saw him the circumstances were so very sad and I was so very numb. It is Father’s Day and I didn’t really want him to be alone. We also have a graduation party for a special girl.

Today I am gonna share all over the place linkage, so get ready.

Personality Test Sharing….Can I tell you how much I absolutely hate all those silly quizzes for personality on Facebook. I finally found one I really liked. It is by the company five labs. I actually encourage you to do it. It looks at your posts and determines your personality. I am not exactly sure how that link will share. But if you can’t find it go to my facebook page and you should be able to find it. It has me as friendly, inventive, disciplined, outgoing and sensitive. I would definitely say all of those to be true.

Softball Season Sharing….The second is softball season is upon us. # 1 is beginning the height and glory that is travel season which pDSP1-13679888p275wtranslates into we never have a free weekend. We had to miss a tournament this weekend to get away. But we will be back at it next weekend. Yeah! And I actually do like softball. Sometimes the social sides of get to me. I am not from this town even though I have lived her for almost 13 years. Unfortunately, I feel it. Sometimes it really bugs me. Sometimes it doesn’t. All the girls use sliders now. They are a cuff meant to protect precious tushies and thighs from sliding in the dirt. I have noticed # 1 still is pretty banged up. However, the girl can slide. To survive the heat you have got to have a canopy tent. We finally have one this year! Wahoo! We will not burn to a crisp. Unfortunately, this year it is all about the jacket or sweatshirt and we have been freezing our nu nus off. I learned last year after an emergency run to Walmart that we had to store blankets and sweatshirts in our trunk at all times. I love softball, but we truly do all seasons.

College Classes Sharing…I am back to teaching  college curriculum again and it feels so good. I love that you are held accountable by the university. In k12 the waters are so murky and red taped. However, that same statement turned around could be a negative. So its best features are also its worst. But I do love it. It is quite obvious it is like an old hat. I have molded my college instructor ways into a high school teacher, but she still exists in full force.

Wonderful Blogging…I am love with Emily the Orange Slate. I actually went to school with her and taught with her at my Alma Mater. Now she is moved away, married and pregnant. I have gotten to watch it all via her blog. Her writing is so pristine and beautiful. Her photography is breath taking. And her love of life is living proof love always wins.

I am sure it is no secret that I love Momastery. I read her book back in the fall and I fell in love. I honestly feel we are very much kindred spirits. I see the crappy world and the things that happen in it, but I choose to see the good. That is because I realized, much like Glennon that love always wins. You just have to let it. Her writing is what she calls “brutiful.” And it is. I get scared to do that sometimes. I suppose with time I could, but not yet. In time my sweets. I am definitely a monkee. That is what they people who follow her are called.

I suppose that is enough sharing for this weekend.


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