So much greatness and a little bit of a geek.

Yup that is me. There are some consistencies in my life. They always will be, too. As I have had the worst year of my life I know there are a few things I can count on. That is books. My writing. And my love of teaching and sharing that. And I love that I have shared all of that with my beautiful daughters.

This year my teaching schedule has changed. It was pretty similar the last two years. I was a freshman teacher. I think teacher speak is that I have five preps. I have had five the last two years too. But last years was so similar to the first that it was pretty easy. This year I start a whole new round of classes. I am so eager to teach them, too.

What is interesting is that most of my traditional English classes are centered around American Literature. One thing I have a love hate 5c82edcdc042c2a9347b4e46340a169erelationship with. Anyone that knows me knows that I prefer 18-19th century British Lit. Both of my degrees had a whole lot of it as well as a BA concentration. I don’t know why I just always found myself drawn to that time and place. And I like American literature and I feel very confident teaching it. I just find it funny how life throws you that. Honestly, the spot I am going into next year is where I can see myself for good. So I imagine I will fall in love with it, too. Because honestly, I love any literature.

So how about this for classics? I will be teaching The Crucible, Sherman Alexis (I feel like I may swap out him though for Erdrich), I am supposed to have a full Edgar Allan Poe unit on The Raven, but we have taught that heavily in our freshman courses that I think I will use Hawthorne and others to teach dark romanticism and transcendentalism. Then we move to Huck Finn and Black Like Me. WOW! And it keeps getting better to A Street Car followed up by Gatsby. And the final book study of Fahrenheit 451 and the study of my favorite thing….SATIRE. We end of amazing life changing speeches to them giving them their own. And those are full length. I have several excerpts from other great lit pieces. The Harlem Renaissance (which is probably one of fav american lit movements to teach) and Willa Cather are also in there heavily.

Honestly, those are the some of the great of American Lit. And honestly I shared just the larger book works. It will be a great year for those classes. The rest of my classes are dual credit courses and one college prep course. I am so stoked for this years classes. I will miss my beloved Creative Writing and reading classes. But I am ready. It is time for a change and time for me to teach what I know. And maybe somethings I don’t. I like the challenge of teaching things I understand, but I am unfamiliar with. Unfamiliarity in the sense that I value it, I have read it, but it is just not my favorite.

Now I have question for all of you. I have thought about selling some of my plans on TeachersPayTeachers….thoughts? Good idea or bad idea. I will admit sharing my things with people I don’t know feels a little emotional to me. I like to know they are good hands like they are my babies. Will that feel better when I have dollars for it? Ha ha?


Quote credit to Tennessee Williams and it touched me. That has a lot to do with why I teach. I wanted some pretty book cover for this post, but after I saw that…I thought, “Yes!”


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