Casting my shadows behind me.



It is that time again…I am not gonna explain so much. I am gonna participate in Wordless Wednesday kind of.

Day 19


Day 20


Day 21


Day 22


Day 23


Day 24


Taco Pizza- I gotta share the recipe by request. You can use any dough recipe. I use this one. I freeze it because it makes a lot and we like our taco crust thin. But you could easily sub pizza dough by Pillsbury. I make taco meat. I make my own taco seasoning when I have time. As well, I add about a fourth a can of refried beans to my taco meat for texture and it makes it go further.  Top with any cheese that you like. Usually we just do a taco cheese. But you could do anything. I prebake the dough for a bit and spread it out with corn meal on the bottom. I like the texture it provides. It doesn’t do much more than that and keep it from sticking. I take it out after about 5 minutes and top it with about 1/4th of the refried beans left (kinda like you would pizza sauce). Then the meat mixture and cheese. You could add onions if that is your thing too. Then I shred lettuce, smoosh tacos and cut tomatoes while it is baking. Usually I make wholemade ranch dressing because it is my thing and reminds me of my grandma. But if I can’t a Hidden Valley Ranch Packet will work just fine. When it comes out of the oven @ 375 after about 8-10 minutes you can top with the salad mixture, Doritos and then the ranch dressing. It is the best and it warms up nicely. You can just add fresh Doritos and salad ingredients each time. Top with ranch and enjoy! Better than any restaurant I assure you.  You could also serve with salsa.

Day 25



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