MommyRhetoric Pins Again.

So yesterday I decided to get back on this bandwagon. It has only been what about two years? I was always kind of miffed that I didn’t finish it. But I got a job. Yesterday it was really hot around these parts, so I needed to find something to entertain my two youngest while # 1 and my guy were at softball.

I saw this pin on pinterest and decided we would give it a go. The best part for 2.00 dollars my girls were entertained both with making it and playing with it.

Pin38) The softest play dough recipe and I agree with that sentiment. The texture of cornstarch and condition make it really soft. As well, if you buy a scented conditioner it smells really good and moisturizes.


I bought the cheapest conditioner I could find, generic cornstarch and I already had food coloring.


It is a little more messy than play dough, but not as messy as say moon sand (I refuse to let that in my house anymore. I mixed this in a disposable container with a plastic spoon. I struggled with conditioner on the things bowls and silverware we eat with. I know it would be washed. This part of the process is the messiest. The ratio from her blog said 2 parts cornstarch to 1 part conditioner. My recommendation would that you eyeball this. The first round it was game of add more of cornstarch, add more conditioner.  The second round I made the ratios similar to the suggestion and mixed it. Then dumped it one the table and got it into a clump. I could tell if I needed more of something. Once it was together I kneaded it in the air until it all came together. It also can be made by preference. Maybe you like it more moist or more dry. You get to control that here.


Then we added color. You don’t have to do this, but my girls wanted it. They also wanted pastels so we went with two drops of food coloring and then I kneaded it similarly to how I kneaded it to make it come together. Eventually the color will evenly distribute.


I will tell you it does leave a powdery residue. But it easily wipes off with little trouble with just water. Thankfully, it is just cornstarch which will not stain or get gloopy. If you let it lose it moisture it just brushes right off.


And maybe adding a little more conditioner would help, but both of my girls opted for a drier dough than a wetter dough. But honestly, they played with it again today and it isn’t bad at all. I would definitely recommend that you try this if you have kids. It is cheap and the entertainment keeps on giving.


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