Saturday Sharing: The Screened Edition

I love my Saturday Sharing Posts. They are almost the highlight of my week, with Just Write Tuesdays pulling in first. This week I had an epiphany. I realized that I am barely even spending any time at all with the television. Instead, I am snuggled warm and close with my Ipad fully tuned and streaming Netflix. To say I am obsessed is a complete understatement.

The Deadliest Catch Sharing…


I did watch TV this week, ONCE. We have been long time watchers of The Deadliest Catch. The last three weeks I have tried to watch. Two thingsfb60f82b8b68dd883ae873f2c453d2f6 happened. I either fell asleep or my beloved Netflix, like a siren, called my name. Those poor DC guys are not the horrible to watch. I just love the commercial free tunage I get from NF. I am really anxious to see how the guys on the Cornelia Marie do. I was a huge fan of those boys and their dad. So I want to see them succeed. Unfortunately, the trappings of Don Draper have been pulling me away. And no worries, Captain Sig is another fave. He is a good, good man. But they all need to STOP smoking now!

The Netflix Stream Sharing…

I shared in one of SS what I had been watching on NF. It started with Dawson’s Creek, One Tree Hill, Orange is the New Black and now I am onto Mad Men. So let’s talk about Mad Men for a minute. I started watching this show about two seasons ago (I think). I had a friend who always posted her favorite lines from the show on Facebook. The writing impressed me just from that standpoint, so I had to tune in and see what was going on. I haven’t missed an episode since.

After I finished OITNB season 2, I was trying to decide what was next in my line up and I just happened to be looking at the same time when the current season of MM was coming back and it said it was on NF. I immediately knew I wanted to watch it from the beginning because I felt like I was missing quite a bit from the previous story lines that I never understood. I am so grateful I did or am. I love it. I see what drew in such an audience. And man do I love reminiscing about their way of life. Their meaning that time period. I do realize that it is made for TV, but it just has really made me think.

My favorite mind boggler that I am wondering how true to reality it is is the scene where the Draper family goes on a picnic and they just get up and leave all their trash. I was just absolutely floored. It seemed so weird to me that they are not conscious of the mess at all. But then I wandered if that is just how mainstream the culture of recycling and environment has come. Needless to say I love this series and I am getting ready to start season 3. But to go with DC, they all need to STOP smoking now. So much smoke.

I would also really like to watch Parenthood from the beginning. Or Gilmore Girls. But GG is only on Amazon and I have prime instant viewing but GG isn’t on it, so I would have to pay. Parenthood is on NF and I may watch it.

I often scour lists as well to see if they have suggestions. But I find my best recommenders are my peeps. I just ask people what they are watching. I do watch a few movies here and there when I can. Most of the time though I like seasons of stuff. I was already doing this on my DVR and realized that Netflix allowed me to be even more lazy about it. I don’t have to fast forward through commercials. I would tape whole seasons of shows on DVR and watch them.

So let me know if you have any recommendations. I also love PBS dramas so those may end up in my line up as well.


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