And yet another birthday whooshes passed…

Oh my gosh I cannot even start this post without tears. How is that fairing for 8:30 am on the day of my # 2’s birthday? My # 2 is double digits today! Double digits people? How is that possible?

This song makes my momma heart sap up before it even starts. What can I say about my # 2? I have blogged so much of her journey. And now that we are in such a comfortable spot with her I am so proud of who she is, what she represents and where I know she will go. I could share with you the story of her birth. The empty grieving spot she filled for her Dad and I. The way she contradicted everything the world tried to tell us about her. The moment we breathed life into the idea of her she was God’s work. His work and our Faith. Which is why she carries the middle name Faith.

abs2Everything about her is unpredictable and I love that about her. She gets that from her Momma. She lives her life as a contradiction to what people expect from her. They say she wasn’t due on June 25th because there is no way with their science (ultrasound and dating my pregnancy). She came June 25th. They say she will be a huge baby (I mean look at my belly) and she comes out barely 6lbs. They say my delivery will be long like with # 1 and it is 4 hours of active labor as compared to 18. Within the first week of her life she pretty much contradicted every single thing we all said, thought or predicted about her. That is how she has lived the rest of her life since.

I am not sure she is always comfortable with always being and doing the opposite of what peoplefamily4 expect of her. But I say what a lucky girl to have that so early in life. She will appreciate it as she gets older, that much I do know. Her tenderness and kindness is overwhelming at times. She cares more for the world and the people in it than I can even comprehend sometimes. A sweetness that is so hard to even see in some yet she exudes with so much Grace.

When Kyle had his surgery this winter we were so worried about her. She feels everything so intensely. But of course, she did what she does and proved us wrong. She was so brave and strong. She honestly kept most of us strong when we didn’t want to be. She worries sometimes when he isn’t feeling good that things will go back to the way they were. That tells me that she felt it more than she ever admitted to any of us.

Yesterday when she heard there was a tornado in our state she sat on the couch and cried. She cried for the people whose lives were possibly destroyed and for the what ifs. She is a planner. She sees animals and wants every single one of them. I have no doubt when she can choose she will house a zoo just to share all of that love she has to give. She is a hugger, environmentalist, wants the best for everyone she knows always and will tell you if you aren’t being your best, loves a good love story (can I tell you how many times she has asked to hear Kyle and I’s story?), is the mother hen in every single situation and has so much knowledge and ability at her young age that I know that whatever she does in this world it is going to be profound and change the lives of many people.

I am the luckiest Momma in the world to get to parent this beautiful person. I am excited to see what she continues to bring to the world. I am quite sure it will be full of Grace, Faith and Love. Her sensitive heart will bring much goodness and happiness to the people that are in her world. Her stories are long, creative and telling of who she is as a person. I have three daughters. My # 1 looks just like me and acts like her Dad. My # 3 is a combination of us  both. But my # 2 she looks just like her Daddy, but has all the passion, love and Faith as her Momma.

I tell you now keep your eye on her. She is gonna change the world!

An excerpt from Chapter 1 of her Book “Happiness”. She wrote this at the age 9. What?!!!?:

One day in February a little girl was in her village with her mother, she walked downstairs for some dinner. The table was wooden and as she sat on the wooden chair it creaked and sounded as if it would break in two parts. The smell of fresh potatoes from the farm filled the room. The plates land speedily on the table. Ma had made a chocolate pudding from the indoor freezer. The wooden stove was open to let heat into the house. The snow outside was fluffy and cold. 


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