Just Write: Not sure I am even feeling it.

All day long I have sat down at this wanted to write my profound Tuesday just write post. Usually my best writing comes from this idea of a free write. Write quick, write at all will and let the writing lead you.

But honestly that is what my blog is and why I have it and more than anything why I cannot give it up. I have a voice here I have no where else. But my mind as of late is all over. I am horribly worried about my guy. The oozing continues. His headaches are rough. Tomorrow is the day he is supposed to call if it continued. He is stubborn. Which means I am gonna have probably strong arm him to do it. We don’t do strong arming in my our marriage.

I have two weeks left of summer school which leaves me with four weeks to prepare for all new junior level classes. My first round of students are going to be juniors and this creates a whole new level of sentiment. Juniors. I cry at the end of every year. How will I handle graduation and moving on. But I am ready. I am predicting this as my sweet spot in teaching. I just feel it.

And while I am talking about what is on my mind the next three days are probably some of the most important this summer for my family. Some for reasons I cannot say yet and others because I get to go to Ball State (wahoo). Then Friday I get to hang out with Kpuff and her family.

And because random seems to be the name of the game around here can I share a picture with you that has had me beyond tickled the last week or so? So tickled I have share it with everyone I know and cackled out loud just thinking about it. My question to you is how? Why? Whose legs? Two peoples legs? A male a female? What? Why? I am not gonna link it…you can find this gem on pinterest.



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