I don’t care…Saturday Sharing Edition

This AM I woke up to my Ipad acting “off” and so I quick looked at it decided I didn’t have the werewithall to deal with it yet and went back to bed. I got back up and hour and half later to see the weird screen was still there. A quick google revealed my Ipad had gone into recovery mode. Okay great! More great I don’t know how to fix it. I was less worried about the stuff I lost. I have it for work, so back up is a huge part of my daily life. But crap, how do I fix it. Thankfully, google took care of that too. But I had to go back to factory resets and all. Poop.

Oh and yesterday what we thought were the girls spilling water all over our carpet turned out to be a leak in our plumbing in the wall. A leak in the wall between out two bathrooms. Thankfully, the plumber and the water restoration company we are working with did their thing with minimal damage. But if you count jet sized plane fans in my house meant to make my carpet “float” so as to dry. We aren’t exactly sure of the actual leak because everything has got to dry first to identify it. So yea that weird buzzing sound you hear in my town….the fans. The fans that make the carpet float. Ha!

And you would think with all of that I would be an old sour puss on this Saturday. But nope….I am still happy. Ain’t nobody breaking my stride!

eac7661049b67dda92dda10afdf8fc95 (1)


Day 38


My Wreck It Journal

Day 39


My Mother In Law’s 70th Birthday! We are lucky she gets to be such a big part of my girls lives

Day 40


I had some great news to share with my co-worker so why not share it at one of my favorite restaurants. JK’s

Day 41


So I had a super cool thing to go to on Thursday. And now it is official I am a Ball State Cardinal –  Chirp! Chirp!

Day 42


Had the bestie over for the 4th. I wanted to take a picture of her # 2 and his momma wanted to take a selfie of him and her. So this ensued along with my giggles. Of course this made me happy. And that salsa you see there…This recipe! Her # 2 LOVED it!

Day 43


I finally gave my HTC Rhyme the quick and painful death it deserved. I hated the thing from the word go! That phone was the worst piece of crap thing I have ever owned in my life. The thing is when people would see it and all it’s “sleek” features they would think it was so great. Me….NOT SO MUCH! Sleekness was all it had. The rest was repeated deaths. Repeated missed messages that just disappeared into oblivion. Lost apps, no rhyme or reason why it did the things it did. So I waited for years to get rid of it. It didn’t take me long to decide what to get. After the ease of my ipad I knew I would get an iphone. I got a 5C in yellow. If purple were an option I would have gotten that. But yellow is my 2nd fav color. So yellow it is.


Saturday Sharing Again….100 Days of Happy


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