We needed that…

And to keep moving with my 100 pins goal here I am embarking on some new territory. A few things are going to happen around here to help it and to help me. I feel like I am in a food rut. I am so tired of making the same things and then my usual meals took a beating with my guy’s TN. Meaning I mushed up the foods and now he cannot even think about them.

I have concocted a plan to help with that. Actually a few different plans that I hope to simultaneously play out. The girls and I are going to do a summer cooking camp. Or at least that is what we called it. But basically, it is a mode for me to teach them how to cook and for them to take more responsibility in the kitchen. Thankfully, I started all of them young and had them in the kitchen with me as soon as they could be. So all of them pretty much get the basics. But I am talking I want to full on step out of the way and advise.

I got to do this the other day with # 2 because I was rocking a seriously horrible migraine and I ended up needing a double dose of my migraineslaw meds which actually means I was out of it. I was struggling to mind focus and we were having company that night. Therefore, I needed to get stuff done. I told # 2 where to find the recipes and she cooked away. # 1 did the more “dangerous” tasks like grating cheese, cutting and opening stuff. Or the sharps job as I like to call it.

Pin39) Baby girl # 2 made this cole slaw. It isn’t a huge favorite around here, but sometimes I get a hankering for it. It was the fourth. We had to have it. And I mean it when I say she made the whole thing. They only thing I did help with was reaching the ingredients or utensils that were high. She is just 4 foot. And yes it turned out great. Those that ate it liked it. # 2 and I did determine it needed to up the sweet a little and down the liquid. By the 2nd day it was just swimming in its own liquid and I realize that that happens naturally. However, I feel like if we downed the overall liquids or made it more creamy than liquidy it would have helped. So more mayo and less apple cider vinegar.

And Pin40) Yesterday we had worked so hard on the food for the fourth that we deemed it use our leftovers and make snacky type foods day. I made pulled pork for the 4th and we made options of tacos, sammies or nachos with the pulled pork. We had no meat left, but we had nacho chips, cole slaw and cheese left. I looked around pinterest a little and decided to make our main dinner be a round of pretzels made from scratch. We have done this many times and even have our recipe. But # 2 and I decided we would try this one for something different.

I will tell you that it requires quite a few hands and steps so it better carried out in a group. It took my guy, myself and # 2 all working on different steps. Admittedly though I made taco meat for nachos during the chaos so maybe that is why. But it wasn’t hard. Just takes planning and time. I always make my dough in my bread machine. My poor bread machine is 17 years old at this point, but this baby still runs. And word to the wise I always activate my yeast as in put it in warm water, give it your sugar (depending on your recipe brown or white) and let it sit till it is all foamy. This usually takes about five. We call it waking it up and letting it party. But this creates an airy and fluffy dough.

We decided to top ours with salt and then a second round with cinnamon sugar. They were all so yummy and this recipe is a for sure keeper. If you like the crunch of a soft pretzel try this because it really creates a crunchier outside and soft pillowy inside. I did leave out the egg wash mostly because I don’t necessarily look for the shiny outside of a pretzels. That is all the egg wash provides. It kinda happens naturally from the soda water you boil it in. Great pin!







And to hopefully help my food rut I am going to challenge myself to a cooking thing with my family.  We get into such ruts that we eat pizza or go out to dinner too much. I am going to start a challenge once school is out to 90 days of eating at home and healthy. As in clean. Thankfully, we eat fairly clean already. So most of the challenge is just eating at home and not going the easy route. I think it will pair quite nicely with the cooking camp I am doing with my girls where they learn to cook more and cook different things. I have got them being pinning fools.


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