Happiness depends upon ourselves ~ Aristotle

I know I talk here a lot about my guy’s TN so it seems sad. A lot. And it is sad A LOT. But I we choose happiness. Our family together made the decision a long time ago that we are together and we are strong with each other. That isn’t to say that when bad days happen we don’t let it take us. We do. But in our normal everyday life TN doesn’t rule. It never will. Our hope and prayers are that a day comes when his TN is managed in a way that it becomes even less of our days. Until then we hold fast and steady to recognizing the good.

So yea I talk about sad things a lot here because it is my place to do that. But please don’t ever take that to mean I am sad. In fact, I would say it is likely the opposite. I try and shine light on the world and the people in it always. There is good in the world. TN has showed me that more than anything in this life.

That is why I do #100daysofhappy on my social feeds. I use it as a reminder to look and notice the good. I go back and look at it when I don’t feel it. It is around us always. I am blessed. I see it and I own it. I know my happiness depends on me. It has been awhile since I shared so get ready…

Day 44 – A special gift from my momma that had been lost


Day 45 – Share a coke! This just makes me happy thinking of it. Smart marketing!


Day 46 – Summer Day Lillies


Day 47 – Love my Netflix!!!!


Day 48 – Really love my Big Brother


Day 49 – Seasonal Fruit and fruit dip…NOMS!


Day 50 – Pano of softball tournament…still does not justice for the craziness that is a softball tournament


Day 51 – Sun-burnt feet from above tournament


Day 52 – This chair, this desk have shared so many hopes, dreams, failures, tears, laughter and smiles! I love what I do!


Day 53 – My green thumbs


Day 54 – My girls and their reading even in the summer (especially the summer)


Day 55 – New kicks and a long lecture about taking care of myself pushed me out the door for a bit to take time for me


Day 56 – School Supplies….NEED I Say more????



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