We loved with a love that was more than love.  – Edgar Allan Poe

6 months ago today I was living my worst nightmare. I was waiting to see my heart. I sat outside of the ICU crumpled, worn and eager to see his face and his smile. I was naive and foolish. I thought, like most of the world does, that surgeries fix things. I was full of hope and eager to tuck this into bed and call it done.

That wasn’t the case. The battle is still being fought. But the playing ground is way more even and for that we are grateful. Everyday the post surgery life feels a little more normal. He is running again, he is balancing out his meds and he is working hard at trying to have as normal a life as he can.

I am blessed and full of love for this man. I will forever be in love with him.












I will forever fight for him, with him and because of him. Trigemenial neuralgia will not win because love always wins! And a from scratch chocolate cake doesn’t hurt the cause either. 



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