Baby Girl Updates

Holy cow, how in the world do I have a 13, 10 and 5 year old? When did that happen? Life just does that doesn’t it? I realized yesterday as I was reading my blog that most of my blogs are about Kyle and his TN and not really the original reason that I started this blog so very long ago. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I hate blogging about them the older they get because I just feel like there are things they need to decide to share, not have me share for them.

AshleyBut what Momma can’t tell you the good things about her kiddos? I know I can. I guess I will start with baby girl # 1. She is 13. As in the big teen years have arrived. I always envisioned she would be irritated by me and my presence as she was growing up. But I find that I think she actually enjoys my company more now. She has begun to matriculate to her room and there feels like days we don’t see her. She lives on Instagram and netflix. But that is okay. She is always good for a shopping or movie date. The girl loves movies almost as much as her Momma. Thankfully, we like similar movies, unless they are romantic comedies, then she is out. She is a pretty cool kid and she has officially surpassed me in height. She still struggles with her allergies and asthma and usually they are fairly under control. This fall has been a little different, but I am imagining that is a metabolism change. She has struggled a bit more and meds have had to be readjusted. She also is following her momma in the migraine path. Thankfully, she and I recognized them much earlier than I ever did and she has meds as needed for those. She has been doing amazing at school and seems to absolutely love it. She can’t wait to tell us all about it at the end of the every day. The girl is super smart too! Scared sometimes to make mistakes, but super easy going personality.

Then we have the beautiful #2 who although she looks just like her Daddy is just like her Momma. She is my kindred spirit. Sheabbie will be sitting with the family having a normal conversation and just disappear. Once we go looking for her we will find her and she tells us she had a story idea so she just had to go write it down. That is so me. One day I was cleaning up files on the computer and I found a ton of stories written by her and man were they good. I love that about her. She is also super sensitive, but has just absolutely just flourished at the middle school. I was originally worried how the middle school transition would go for her, but she has just done amazing with it and really seemed to have blossomed. She has some truly awesome friends that understand her and seem to love her as much as she loves them. But she loves nothing more than her puppy and her family. Roxie has proven to be quite therapeutic for her and she has taken much responsibility for her care. It has made them especially close. She also is doing amazing in school. Ironically, both of the girls made it to the final rounds of their grade level spelling bees and will be competing against one another in the school wide competition after break. # 1 tends to be a natural at academics, as in she doesn’t need to really study, but number # 2 obsessively studies. We sometimes have to make her stop. So we shall see how this goes for the two of them. She has such a fun loving personality, but don’t fire her up. If you do you will know it.

anna1Then we have baby girl # 3. She also seems to be following in the path of her sisters academically. Thankfully, we put her into school younger. She had met all of the kindergarten benchmarks at their first round of testing in the fall. However, socially she is right where she needs to be. This was something we kind had to maneuver around with the other two. We wanted to get it perfect this go round and it seems we have. We did worry a little that it was too hard for her. The rigor of an all day classroom, not necessarily the academics. She would come home and just crash and if she didn’t crash you would wish she had because dang she was a treat to live with. But it all adjusted out and she loves it. I do wish that half day were an option, but in our state it really is not unless you want to pay heftily for it. She to is also flourishing. She is making friends and is in love with school and her teachers. She hates missing which is a tough when she is sick or there is a delay. Her first delay day she through a fit that I was driving her to school. I told her no one would be there and she did not understand. Clearly she is at that state where you believe your teacher and school staff live at school. She so very inquisitive now and obsessed with figuring out how the world works. She also identifies the stories people tell on the radio or in person as fiction or non-fiction. It is quite humorous.

I am so ridiculously proud of all three of them and how wonderful each of them are each in their own ways and the cool things they bring to the world. I am so proud of them with how they have handled this past year. It has not been easy. In fact, I know when they look back it will be incredibly hard, but they have been amazing little people that are growing into even more amazing big people. I know that we didn’t create that amazingness ourselves. They are surrounded by love, laughter, awesome supportive friends and family who love them unconditionally and support each and every single move they make. We are so very lucky and blessed to be parents to these beautiful people.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours! This year our family wore teal and sent out teal focused Christmas cards to support Trigeminal Awareness. We also raised $ throughout the year in different ways to send to



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