Life is what you make of it.

The E clan has been perpetually sick since Thanksgiving. It has been one thing after another. In the fourish weeks since Thanksgiving some one in my house has ran a fever, puked, been puked on, had a headache, had a stomachache, had breathing treatments, passed out, had nerve pain, a root canal and multiple cavities filled, braces worked on and teeth pulled, had an earache has slept almost 24 hours and had the flu (the illness not the stomach version). christmas2014m

It doesn’t take rocket science for me to know it was kinda our own doing. Stress will kick you in your butt and keep kicking. Those last two weeks before school got out my guy and I were literally grasping through the hours. We just wanted to get through them and not get the dreaded call from school that one of the girls were sick. Or have to finagle classroom subs because we were sick. All of which happened and we survived.

But by the time we got there I knew it was so very important that we re-evaluate why things were so rough this fall. The stress of my going back to school has disrupted the schedule. The stress of trigeminal neuralgia and trying new meds. And somehow both of our jobs have been incredibly stressful this year both for very different reasons. Add in sports schedules, a play, piano practice and a myriad of stuff and it was a perfect storm of not enough sleep, not enough healthy eating and too much caffeine to survive for me. I am trying to revamp it all because not much is changing for the spring semester.

Kyle got into the neurologist with Goodman Campbell who Dr. Cohen likes to work with. He sees him either the 16th or 19th. I am not sure because I don’t have it here in front of me. They added additional neurotin to his meds and with it has come some memory issues. Mostly they are just entertaining at this point, but he is on the same dosage as last year before the surgery. Thankfully, this year he doesn’t have all the other meds added in. But it is still frightening that we are here again. I can say two things for sure, he can eat which is not at all where we were this time last year. In fact, I remember us struggling because Santa could not eat his cookies last year. The other is that his pain is not where it was last year. It has returned to the surgical side and it is also on the right side. Last year his pain was off the charts. He is not there now. He is having the shocks on both sides and the constant numbing like pain. Again migraines have been pretty well controlled and really only flare when he is crazy tired.

FamilyphotoI am hoping in January we have more of a plan of action and idea of where he is headed. He struggles (we struggle) with the meds. They make him so tired. They steal his memory. They age him. Their side effects right now aren’t outweighing their benefits for now. That is why it is so important for me to control that above chaos as much as I can. Calm and peace are so important.

But finding it is the difficult task when you are raising kids and you are in the midst of prime of your life. It is easy to get caught up in the whirlwind and not even realize it until you are dropped down into a mess of stress/life induced illnesses. I guess you could say a new year’s resolution, but it isn’t really that. It is more about admitting to defeat that we did this fall semester did not work for us. And us has to be a priority because life is what you make of it.

And we gotta make it better. We know that. As big of an advocate as I am for my husband it is so easy for me to let myself drown in the daily ongoings of TN and I just can’t do that. My girls need to see and have us function as normal as we possibly can. Therefore, I intend to do my best to make this life better.


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