Mommy Rhetoric is cooking again!

Here is the bad side of break…GOOD GRIEF, I always feel full. My kids are always hungry and I am always anxious to cook complicated meals that I know they will love and I didn’t have the time to try. Therefore, I feel like we eat all the time and we are eating good.  But today we have family coming in from out of town and I enjoy making food to help out with feeding a large crowd. Therefore, today (or this AM I should say) we have been cooking at the a la maison de Eichenauer. We are making the turkey which is something we normally do. Those of you that follow me on instagram know that we got a butterball turkey fryer.

There is a story with that. Well usually there is always a story with everything. However, I feel like about ten years ago fried turkeys became all the rage and my Dad tried one. Since then my family has been addicted to the deliciousness. I love how moist and flavorful fried turkeys are. People always think they are going to be fattening and like fried chicken and they just aren’t. The skin if you choose to eat it is the most fattening part and the greasiest. It tastes a lot like bacon if that is your thing. I run hot and cold with the skin. Anyway, my dad offered to come up here earlier this fall and make us a fried turkey. After that my # 2 decided she was addicted to it. Later that day we watched a butterball infomercial for their indoor deep fryer. It seemed so amazing and it was less dangerous than the version my dad does. A task I would never ever be brave enough to do, he is a master though.

I promised her if I ever saw it for sale I would buy it. I never expected too. Two weeks later it was on sale at Walmart. We purchased it and by golly it saved Thanksgiving for us. We were all sick and not interested in spreading our germs so we opted to stay home from our planned travels. We made our first ever fried turkey and it was amazing. We are giving it another whirl today for my guys family. So….if you like fried turkey but don’t like the hassle of the deep pot and an open flame this is a great alternative. Our holds up to a 14lb turkey (I think there is an XL version) and the clean up is super easy as it has a spout for emptying. It also is super quick! 4 minutes per pound.

But alas, the turkey really isn’t my department. I won’t lie our gender roles when it comes to protein in this house are pretty newyears3traditional. He handles the meat and I cook the other stuff. I am okay with that too. I hate raw meat. Ick! That isn’t to say I don’t do it, I just usually refer to him, the grill or this fryer. However, today I offered to make my apple pie. I call it that because it is probably the best thing I make by far. After many, many years of making it and countless pies it is my coveted recipe that I developed. I took a recipe found on and made it my own. I usually make my own crust, but for today I went pillsbury for lazy reasons. It is a wonderful alternative. But if you want to make it isn’t that hard. Here is my recipe:

Pie Crust

  • 2 cups of flour (possibly a little more to add moisture or for rolling)
  • 1/4 tsp of salt
  • 1 cup of crisco (I prefer the sticks already packaged but that is for ease of use…Just don’t use butter crisco)
  • 1/2 cup of ice water
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • 1/4 cup of sugar

Mix all the ingredients together and then add in water as needed to make it till it almost feels dry and is pea like. I like a pastry mixer for this. I can’t think of the specific name. You want it somewhat sticky, but not sticking to everything. Should make enough for two crusts for a top and bottom.

newyears4The apple recipe is as follows:

The apple pie filling

  • 5 cups of sliced apples (I use granny smith and two other baking varieties but mostly granny smith)
  • 1/2 cup of sugar
  • 1/2 cup of brown sugar
  • 1 1/2 tsp of cinnamon
  • squeeze a whole lemon on the apples once they are cut
  • 1/4 tsp of salt
  • 3 tablespoons of flour (possibly more if you have juicy apples…add by the tsp after the first three tablespoons)
  • several pats of butter (not margarine)

Cut apples all uniform in size to insure they all cook evenly. Add in the dry ingredients. The sugars will create more liquid coming from your apples so you want to make sure you have enough flour so your pie is not runny. The apples should look dryish and not runny in syrup. Place your crust in the bottom of pie plate. Pour in the apples and push down so they are evenly packed. Add your top crust. Vent your pie. Bake on 350 covered for 45 minutes. Take off cover and bake 15 minutes. Stick a fork or knife in to make sure apples are done and add time in 10 minute increments if not done. Watch that your crust doesn’t get over done.

Today I taught # 2 how to make this apple pie to help her with the apple pie kit she got for Christmas. She made the three most newyears2adorable apple pies to go along side my own gigantic apple pie. She loved it and made beautiful pies.

The next thing on the oven line up was sweet potato souffle. I love sweet potatoes and most of my family does too. However, they didn’t like the traditional sweet potato casserole with marsh mellows. We had been eating that for years and then scraping off the marsh mellows. I realized I was not a huge fan of them either so during thanksgiving I went searching for an alternative. I found a souffle that looks intriguing but there were nuts in it and I knew that would never happen with my picky crew. Then I decided to just yank the pecans out. Sure I love pecans, but the point for the change was to make it something my family would be more eagerly interested in. I found this amazing recipe here. We have had it twice since then. I also tweaked some things to make it a little less desserty. I removed quite a bit of butter and adjusted the sugar and added eggs. I’d give you measurements, but that isn’t really something I do till I have tweaked a recipe to exactly where I like it.

Last night was the first new years eve that I have stayed up till midnight. I started watching a new show I had seen commercials for and I got addicted. I started at 11 and watched them till 2:30 am and then started again this AM. I am now on episode 7 of the first season of The Americans. I am really loving this show and know I will absolutely fly through the two seasons, but I am also super happy their third season starts January 28th. Then again I love Keri Russell. She is amazing in this.

Well Happy New Years to all my readers from my family till yours. My guy is behind the camera.


I adore #3’s very skeptical face here, # 2 who just wants to cuddle with her puppy, myself who just wants it done because I can tell # 3 is gonna melt down (thanks to a late night), but hey # 1 is pretty happy.


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