Saturday Sharing turned Sunday Sharing: The pampering you edition.

I knew Saturday sharing was never gonna happen yesterday because we had family in and I had a special day planned with Kpuff to celebrate Christmas. Therefore, I am here today to share my latest and greatest hyperlinks from the interwebs. The first and foremost Kpuff and I decided to shop yesterday and really only buy for us or necessities and we both did pretty good. Obviously, the Christmas season is all about shopping for others, but we decided to pamper ourselves a bit yesterday so we started off at Lush!

LUSH Sharing…

If you ever want to spoil yourself absolutely rotten go here. Many, many years ago I heard about these bath bombs that threw out fireworks in the tub as you were bathing. Kpuff had just had her # 3 and I wanted to spoil her. I purchased a few for her birthday. We both kind of got addicted then and haven’t really turned back since.

pamper4Whenever we are by a store we go there and get pampered and smell all the pretties. Sometimes we even sit down and let them give us the royal treatment. If you have the time when you go by have them do the hand treatment. They make your hands sopamper2 soft and wonderful and it is completely free. The wonderful parts of the product are that they are natural and ethical, so they are good for sensitive skin types. In the years, I have become happily addicted to Miranda. It has a super fresh scent that is not overwhelming.

But yesterday I ventured out some. I haven’t ever really bought any of their bath bombs for myself. I bought them for others and received them as gifts. I loved them. But yesterday I got a honey bomb. I struggle quite a bit with dry skin and this sounded so soothing and it smelled amazing. I used it last night and I loved it! I also decided to try a new product line they have out involving essential oils. They are getting in on the essential oils craze and created a line of massage bars that melt on the touch of your hand to deliver oil to your skin directly. I fell in love with the rose scented one. I also used it after my tub and used it more similarly to one of their lotion bars. I, too, loved it and probably slept better than I have slept in weeks. I am usually a struggler at sleep and I had no problem at all and I didn’t wake. It was amazing.

Essential Oils Sharing…

I am hearing a ton of good things about essential oils. I am just trying to really make sure it is not a phase and that this is NOT just a hot and trendy thing happening right now. I am hearing tons of good things about essential oils for trigeminal neuralgia. I have been looking into that a lot. There are some other things  I believe they could help my family with some. However, it is kind of expensive leap to make. But I honestly have been researching them for about 6 months and I think I am very close to giving them a try. I even have talked with my guy about it quite a bit who is a total skeptic, but he seems willing to try. I am thinking about doing Young Living. Have you ever heard of it? Let me know your thoughts if you have or know someone who has used them. I am eager to hear stories from people I know.

pamper3Wreck this Journal Sharing…

I have had a wreck this journal for about 2 years and I have struggled even writing in it because it was so neat and pretty and the requests it asks of  you are well, wrecking this journal. 😦 I do write in books. I love to mark them up and put my thoughts in them, but I don’t put food in them or lick them or spill them in water. But there was a specific part at the beginning of this journal that clicked for me. It said, “You can now live more wrecklessly.” And I was like yes! I need to do that. I try so hard to control my chaos. The chaos of my husband’s illness, raising kids, being a graduate student, being a college instructor and a high school teacher and the list goes on. Living wrecklessly seems super scary to me. I vowed to try and it do it daily and see what happens. I am not gonna lie and say there are some pages I have had to skip because I am not there yet. I hope I will get there eventually, but not yet. But I am on day # 4 and it is kind of fun. I also did a wreck this journal with my students (I opted out) and they loved it, so why in the world can’t I? Want one? Go here—> Keri Smith’s Wreck this Journal

I don’t know much, but I do know that 2014 taught me I gotta take care of me better. Some of that is as simple as taking five minutes in the bathtub or taking a Saturday to hang out with one of your best friends and spoiling them rotten because they need to know what you mean to them.



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