Truths. Saturday Sharing.

Again I find myself on a Saturday wondering what in the world I need to post about that I could possibly share. Right now my sharing is my work, mothering, wifing (not wifi ing, but wifeing), dinners or the meds or med levels my guy is on. And while all that would make a wonderful post I will spare you the details.

Cooking Sharing…

First goal of 2015 was to cook more for my family and I am quite proud to say I achieved. Now we had two snow days and two delays, so time was on my side so to speak. We will see how next week goes with my classes on Monday nights. I made carnitas  (minus the crisp) this week which my family loves and # 2 went NUTS over. I actually shredded it and placed it in the pan with the juice from the crockpot and reduced the juice. I served it with soft shell tortillas, lettuce, tomato and ranch for those that wanted it. Our biggest complaint about carnitas is that sometimes they seem flavorless unless you get the outside pieces. My method fixed that and it was so tender and juicy. It served us two meals and as my lunch. It would have been extra amazing with avocado on it.

I also made salisbury steak. I toned down the onion flavor a touch. We also had lasagna. A recipe I have of my own that I will Mustashes1never EVER EVER cook without ricotta now. My kiddos are in love with the creamy silky texture of ricotta and it makes them go ga ga for my cooking so why would I? I would love to try crockpot lasagna or lasagna soup. All of my meals are served with similar things; a salad (my girls love salad), broccoli, peas, potatoes (mashed/baked) and sometimes corn.

And because of the delays and days off I also made breakfast quite a bit too. One day I surprised the girls with my homemade doughnuts. But I also just made my usual for breakfast. At the end of the week I made them all give me a round of applause for meals every single night. How sad it is that? How sad that we have come to that point?

Less of Me Sharing…

Who am I really kidding, I am not even sure I understand what less of me is anymore. It stands for taking care of myself and putting myself first. It is so hard to do when you are married to someone with a chronic illness and you have three kids. But I have tried. Part of that is my blog here. Writing. Or taking a bath at night. Or watching a show on my ipad. I am trying so hard to be sure some little part of my day is something that I am choosing to want to do because I want to do it. I want that to translate into taking care of myself better via exercise and what I eat drink. I have calorie tracked for a week now and food wise I am good. I always have been with that. But what I drink is atrocious. It is the same old song and dance I have been singing from the beginning. I need the caffeine (or I think I do). Some of this ties to headaches, general malaise or just how I feel.

And if I am honest. I am afraid. Working out is a big commitment to me. I signed up for the gym last year. Three days later my guy was in the hospital and a month later he was in surgery. I don’t know why that is holding me back, but it is. Thankfully, I have an amazing friend on the end of my text at midnight where I beg for some help with the change. That is the awesome part about true friendships.

So yea my truths. I need to cook more. I need to spend more time on me and I need to find fitness that works for me. Sometimes my truths are scary, or even easy to ignore but they are my truths. For now.


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