Saturday Sharing…Less of Me (I Guess)

Given with how I felt about my health last semester I have made it my mission to force myself to take care of myself. That is both my mental and physical health. That doesn’t mean I am on a diet or doing a cleanse. That also doesn’t mean I am working out like a crazy lady. That means I cannot deny that by making sure that I spent half an hour or an hour on myself daily ensure that the rest of my life can happen. When I do not do that two things happen. I eat/drink like crap and therefore, I feel like crap. A real true life manifestation of you are what you eat.

badgeI can tell you for a fact that last fall I survived on pepsi alone. There were days I would occasionally eat nothing, but would have another pepsi to keep the sugar elevated for the plummet I could feel coming. Some of this is TN and the stress it brings into our household. But most of this is once again being an MA student, a full time teacher/college instructor and having three sections of Speech and three sections of freshman composition as well as a section of student publications and SAT Prep, a full time mother to three awesome ladies and trying to be everything else that I am. That doesn’t mean that stay at home Sally isn’t working just as hard because I always hated that comparison when I was an at home mother. That just means our seasons are different.

But it has been so super easy for me to get sucked into the stress and busyness that is my life that I forget about me. So I have been trying to ensure I don’t and that is what my sharing is about today.

Taking Care of Me Sharing…

I am writing more. You don’t always see it here. In fact, in my writing I search for things that are bloggable but most of them have been private and I don’t want to blog them. I also have been doing Wreck this Journal. I think I shared that a few Saturday Sharings ago. I love it cause it forces me to live recklessly. 🙂 I share on instagram if you wanna see. I haven’t updated my pics in awhile but they are happening.

The biggest thing I have been doing is challenging myself via my fit bit. I do this with my steps and sleep. I am not messing with my food. I am maintaining that I am quite pleased with my eating habits. Yes I see things I could change. But I am not ridiculous. I don’t splurge and pig out. The one true weakness I have always had and will continue to have is with my caffeine intake (therefore sugar intake). I do have it to manageable portions that I can live with.

I have had a fit bit before and unfortunately had it two days and lost it. Since then they have redesigned and it will never fall off that I can find. I have missed it since then but couldn’t justify spending the money again. Well I got a gift card for Christmas and well that isn’t my money right? So guess what momma got? A fit bit. I love that I am in competition with no one and that the only competition I have is against myself.

I guess I am sharing the awesome that is fitness trackers. Ever want to see what you are doing in a day do it. I have seenFitbit_Zip_04_1 and checked out many of the different versions and I think they are all awesome and even more awesome if you use their other features like sleep and food. You get to see what you are doing with your life.

And for me there was just something about seeing that my most active moments were two minutes I took to climb steps. I realized that was ridiculous! My biggest issue is that when I went all fitness crazy I burned myself out. Like burned myself so that I hated it up until four years later. And I still dread that burnout and don’t want to go there. Once you stop loving it and it isn’t fun anymore it is time to stop. I was there.

But now I am loving it. I love challenging myself. I like feeling like the under dog. And in doing so I am taking more time for me. Which subsequently falls under less of me by my definition. Also Kpuff and I have challenged ourselves with BeachBody and Shaun T’s T25 workout which is 25 minutes of working out a day five times a week. We have adjusted it to six times a week and have been doing great so far! You think 25 minutes is easy, but you are wrong. It is Shaun T. so it isn’t even close to easy! I bought it for my guy over a year ago, but I have been eye balling it for awhile.

2nd part of my sharing here though is all about friends. To make my mental and physical health a priority I have to work hard to talk with and do things with my friends. It is too easy to get stuck in a bubble and not. So even though I force myself to do it, I know the importance of good friends. And by working out and spending time with friends it like super me time. I am grateful for the laughs that sometimes hurts my abs as much as Shaun.

So yea I guess this SS was all about me. But couldn’t it be about you? Join me. Join me in loving yourself, because all of that is a part of love winning. You have to love yourself first before you can love others.


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