A year ago I lived through the unimaginable.

Most of this post will be about the pictures and the moments. But come on, it is me. I have to say something. A year ago I sat next to my husband and held his hand and trusted about four surgeons and four anesthesiologist to take care of him and fix him the best they could. I had false assumptions about that day, as did my guy. But we were also realistic, we knew there was no quick fix. Alas there is not. The irony is not lost on me that my house is in the turmoil of a nasty stomach virus that has struck my guy too today. Today of all days.

A year ago at almost this exact same moment I fought with a lady who told me my husband was too sick to see me. This was after she was just in his ICU room seeing him. Needless to say I fought. I was not going to let some hospital liaison whose primarily goal is to ensure intensive care patients families are cared for see my husband and tell me he was too sick to see me and not her.

Today he doesn’t look all that different. He hates being sick. Well who doesn’t, but I mean he seriously hates it. Like avoids it at all costs and sleeps through it like an old pro. Many years with him and I have seen him like this very few times. That isn’t too say he is so sick. In comparison this is nothing compared to what he has gone through. It was my fear though. A fear of him having to throw up with his TN. His facial pain is triggered by the weird things, so throwing up, that was a no brainer. Thankfully, his stubborness is keeping the sickies at bay or asleep. 🙂

Now our story in pictures.



This is probably the hardest picture for me to look at; I hate it





Look at the aging and the progression. And look how far we have come in a year and how far we have not. It is a very weird place. But a good place. But a bad place. Ha! You get the picture. I am so grateful for every single day with him even with the pain. He is always constantly worried about me despite feeling horrible. The true definition of chivalrous. I am one lucky momma. Now back to my laundry. Eww! Happy 1 year anniversary of your MVD. I am grateful life is better.


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