Saturday Sharing…If You Are Not, You Should!

walmartIf you are a coffee drinker and ever want a treat…You should be drinking Chocolate Glazed Donut Coffee…YUM!

If you are wondering if you sleep good you should try this app!

If you shop at Walmart and you do not using the Savings Catcher feature of their app you SHOULD! Like right now, run and do it. You get paid to shop. It is crazy! All that craziness of ad matching done for you. You do nothing and get rewards back. I have already made 30 dollars since Jan 1.

I love love this calendar app that my guy and I use. We have it connected to each other and # 1 who also has an ios device. It keeps us organized and it sends reminders so we always know who is charge of kiddos or being outta the house. It tells us conflicts.

If you haven’t read The Great Gatsby you should. It has this really cool way of sneaking up on you. It is kinda a slow and boring read. But when combined with all of it separate parts there is an amazing story there. The movie in addition is a great. The current 2013 one with Leo. I am amazed how much I believe the book enhanced the movie and vice versa. If you haven’t read it you should.

I make it a rule to never what the “the big game”. Yes I am married to the world’s biggest football fan so I don’t get so lucky as to not have it on. But I never watch. Not even for the commercials. But finally something has pulled me in. That would be the rumor that Missy Elliot is singing with Katy Perry during halftime. That is the one and only Missy Elliot who has mad skills rapping and mad respect in the rap industry. And mad props and respect from me. (Thanks for the linky loo Nichole).

Don’t know her? Here a little trip….Classic…Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)!

Ahh! I love Missy! So if you haven’t seen it, watch it. And better yet tune into the game and watch half time of Missy and Ms. Katy.

We will be have chicken/beef tacos tomorrow for dinner. We also will add in some nachos and homemade salsa. Haven’t had Ree’s restaurant salsa? Why not? You should.

Finally, that is all I got!


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