Snow Day E Style!

We were supposed to get this epic snow storm. I saw two ladies fighting over taco seasoning for real. It fizzled out and ending up not being that big of storm. It dropped about 6 inches which for this part of Indiana is on the upper side of a normal snow. But the girls had been waiting. We are on day four of snow days and my kiddos are as well. We are in different districts. Mine is doing elearning. Theirs not. I will be out in May. They will be lucky to be out in May.

But we made the most of the snow. We have made obleck, bouncy balls, chicken tacos, nachos and salsa.


I trekked my way to Kpuff’s in the heart of the storm to work out. T25 Day 22. I was sweaty, but cold here!
snowday2Talked my youngest two into building snowmen


And my baby girl # 2 all bundled up and ready to play


And # 3 more irritated that I have to stop her to take a picture. She has carrot in hand and is ready to build away!


And there he is.


Helping my guy dig out the hood. Neighbors sick and gone so we had to pull our weight today. I was the shovel and he was the snow blower. I am just glad he was able too. His face mask made it possible.


And puppy all warm and cozy after she thought she wanted to go outside. She is just fine right here in the blankets with her Momma. Oh and I suppose there was some football game watching in there. Or at least half time watching. You know how Missy Elliott lost all of her weight? T25. I heart Shaun T.


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