Saturday Sharing – – – PODCASTS!

serialPodcast Sharing…

I am not gonna lie, I have grown addicted to podcasts. Not just podcasts, but the popular ones. My favorite is of course Serial. But I also love The Memory Place. Serial is amazing though and if you aren’t listening you should. Especially if you like mysteries.

Podcasts are kinda fun for me and provide a little nostalgia. They force you to use your imagination and remind me of a time when people had to listen to the radio and waited anxiously for the next show. Thankfully, I got on the podcast bandwagon a little late and I am not out of episodes yet. And when I digging around I don’t think I will for awhile.

Beachbody Sharing…

I have loved Beachbody stuff for a long time. I have purchased multiple programs from them and worked on several. Kpuff andt25day18

I decided to do T25 this year. I suppose you could say as a new year’s resolution but it wasn’t that for me. It was a chance to change things. Thankfully, I did because I have since given up pepsi and gotten myself down to 1 or none cup of coffee. I don’t need caffeine. I am hoping the weight comes off from those things. But we shall see. I have lost 12 lbs but I don’t count it all because I had the horribly stomach bug two weeks ago and well that isn’t fair or real weight loss. So I am guessing logically I have lost 2-3 lbs in a healthy manner. My goal not all that different than it has ever been. I refuse to deprive myself of food I love. I don’t believe in weight loss that way. I believe moderation and work makes it work it and usually my theory is I am willing to work harder so I can eat the stuff I love. Besides that I cook almost every single day and it us for the most part healthy. My biggest weakness has and always will be my need for empty calorie drinks. But that is changing slowly. (Photo Credit: Me sweaty…After working out)

So anyway I love T25, I have loved Insanity (but it is insane), but I am not at all in a shape where I can deal with Insanity. My guy loves Insanity and has done it several times. He also loves T25. But I am very interested and my interest is peaked by PiYo which is a work out that seems designed for women and the 21 Day Fix which is a portion controlled diet (not diet but diet) with a daily 30 min work out. What I love about T25 and 21 Day fix are their short work outs. That is important to me for a few reasons. I don’t have a lot of time first and second I am tired by the time I get home. I have recognized 7:30 – 8 is kinda my work out time limit. I run out of steam by then. I also think I am gonna buy Insanity Max for my guy. He loves Shaun T and insanity so much and is pretty healthy and works out regularly. I think I would die if I tried it. Any way just sharing…I love beachbody and have always gotten really positive results using their products. I will let you know know what I decide between.

I think that is all I got today. I have been cooking my usual. I have been doing my usual. Loving life…..


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