You know what annoys me?

When websites, people or who ever try and judge how you use social media. I don’t care if it is instagram, facebook, twitter, tumblr or your blog. Sometimes I get in my newsfeed some random article about how to be less annoying on social media. 10943737_10152541352746637_8773590105169374554_nArticles like this one, or this one and this one. Don’t want to click all those articles? Let me give you the summary. You are basically annoying on social media for any behavior that doesn’t 100% entertain entirely your audience.

Well I call crap. I post food. I post post work out photos. I post my kids. I post about my guy. I post cryptic things. I post too much. I don’t post enough. I play with pictures. I don’t post about my students ever. I won’t. I post about teaching all the time. Basically, I am that annoying person on social media and guess what? I don’t care. I do me.

I am not putting it out there for anyone else but myself. Sometimes I seek out others to commiserate or for support but my online world is even bigger than my real world. I have friends all over and considering I have been on the internet since my first apartment back when I was 18 I have friends I met back then who are very real to me and a part of my day.

Here is the biggest thing that bugs me in all of this…is that we all have the ability to click the ‘x’ the resides in the right hand corner. So the heck you gotta dog someone down for their annoying behavior? Just move on or click the x or ‘unfriend’ or ‘unfollow’.

Yea if I am that annoying person. I am okay with it. I love my guy. I love my kids. I love working on me. I love my job. I respect my career too much to post about my kids. I struggle sometimes and blog about it. I am happy sometimes and blog about it. I love food. I love painting my nails. That is about me. Not you, I invite you on my journey but I don’t care if you come or not. It is okay. We are good.


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