TN Update

As predicted the transition to his new meds was rough or has been rough or whatever tense you want to go with. So rough in fact three weeks in and he decided he would cold turkey off of them because he hated the way it made him feel. Plus I had noticed marked memory loss verbally to him and that bugged him. Three days after he had done it he decided to share. Let’s just say he paid for that decision for a few days by way of face pains worse than usual.

His facial pains are worse on these meds than the previous med which I take as a kinda bad thing because this is the go-to med for TN. But that to me is also probably good too because he is getting some relief from the previous med. I am just not sure where he is headed. The process to get another surgery is kinda the route we seem to be going. Who makes that call? The surgeon? Him? Does he continue on more and more meds?

All I know is there is no magical answer. All I know is I am so very tired. I am dealing with it emotionally much better, but when his pain increases it is so hard for me to keep it cool with my girls. They see it. And that is almost as heart breaking as watching him in pain. It is becoming our normal and less our new normal.

How I just really long for the day that TN is not so prevalent.


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