If not me then who?

Can I just say how good it feels to be spending some time on me? I made that commitment to myself as my new years do hickey. Finding myself in the chaos that is my life. I was functioning and surviving but not enjoying as much as I could or should! I am seven weeks in and I am so darn proud of myself. These are the changes:


  • Daily I find parts of my day to focus on the good. The good that is happening around me and the good that I pray I am doing somewhere for something or someone. It is/had always been there I have just been more purposefully aware.
  • Daily I remind myself food/sugary drinks don’t need to get me to the next second. I survived the past year on pepsi and mistreating my body.
  • Daily I take time to think of my health usually by way of competing with myself on my fitbit and I find myself so entertained and I love it. I get forward to the race every single day.
  • Daily I walk 4-5 miles with little to no effort from me. I mean it. I seriously don’t feel it or feel like I am doing anything extra. I just take the longer way at work, run up stairs, walk as much as I can in my classroom. If I slow down I have my students remind me to move it! This is in comparison with my first week with fit bit which would have been lucky to see a mile day.
  • My daily goal is 10,000. Somedays I don’t make it (darn test days). But I forgive myself. That is the best thing I can do for myself is be okay with myself if I can’t do it every day. I know there is always tomorrow.
  • But on top of that goal is to get 4000 steps in before my students even enter my classroom. When that happens I know I am going to kill it in the steps department and I have done this.
  • Let’s talk T25. I love it, NO SECRET. But I look forward to the work out daily. I usually do it soon after getting home from work and rejuvenates me after a full day at work. I am usually tired and feel like I am ready to make dinner, put jammies on and watch TV or surf the net. But Shaun T. and the workout save me.
  • That has something to do with Kpuff too. We push each other in good ways when it comes to working out. I get to see her almost every day. When we don’t get to work out daily I send her dorky horrible photos of me doing horrible exercises that I look bad in begging her to delete. I do this so I am accountable.
  • I am writing. Mostly private stuff. But I am doing it more.
  • I feel like moods are better.

Moral of the story is if I don’t take care of myself who will?

So basically….     Toolegit


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