Saturday Sharing….It just gets better.


“Love is not an equation, it is not a contract, and it is not a happy ending. Love is the slate under the chalk, the ground that buildings rise, and the oxygen in the air. It is the place you come back to, no matter where your headed”
Jodi Picoult

Valentine’s Day Sharing…

My guy and I never really go all out for any holiday. Maybe we did before the baby girls, but since then it is usually pretty practical what happens around our house to recognize each other. But the ironic part of that is it just gets better. Each and every year gets better. Usually, it is a simple card set on the pillow. I get up early so the girls let him sleep. He covers bedtime routine, so I can climb into bed early and veg out on the DVR or netflix. He is my opposite and I am hims (love this typo so I am leaving it), the ying to my yang. And it works.

My first thought upon opening my eyes is gratefulness for my guy and for the love we share. It is a quite strength that has intermittently been built upon year by year by happiness and heartbreak. I decided not to nudge his loud snoring as I woke at 5:45. A normal day that would be a nudge with a muffle, sorry honey from his tired sleepy voice. But today I snuck away and scribbled my love on a card, placed it on my pillow so it would be the first thing he saw when he did wake.

It works. It all works. On February 22nd 1996 I met my guy on a whim. Just a few days shy of the Valentine’s Day I declared I didn’t need any men in my life and that I would be independent and worry about meeting a guy (let alone the one) later. Almost exactly a week later he came into my life unexpectedly.

What I love most is the life we share. Our girls. Our laughter. Our time together. We are far past the stages of honeymoon and needing to spend every possible moment together. But we are well into appreciating every time the opportunity arrives for us to be together. And there is always that comforting coming home feeling even if it is a long hug as we head out for a busy day at work, a quick good night before I crash in the evening.

Life hasn’t exactly been kind to us the last year some shared, some not, but there is one that thing remains. I am always and forever jumping off the cliff holding his hand and he mine. That analogy came to me on the day after our wedding as we boarded our airplane. I had never traveled with another person like this. I had always felt so vulnerable on a plane. But I realized the person I loved was on the plane with me and nothing else mattered. That was a comfort. When we got off the airplane in Florida I was starving and really wanting greasy bacon and in five minutes after a procurement of a rental car we were at a dive of restaurant we begged to serve us breakfast and I realized I never had to handle this life alone again. I feel that way over and over and again daily and for it I am grateful.

On this day I wish you that kind of love. That kind of devotion and comfort. As for me and my love, love always wins. It shows us time and time again.



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