The good of TN


Trigeminal neuralgia has taken a lot from our lives and it is oh so easy to focus on that (read a few blogs of mine and you will see). But man the positive things it has done are amazing.

  • My relationship has gotten so much stronger, deeper and meaningful. I can’t put it into words to even begin to quantify my love, admiration and respect for the strength of my husband. I have seen him at his worst and carried him. There is a connection there that forever sustain us.
  • The love he has for me is seen at his weakest moments. He flawlessly loves me. He doesn’t care what the scale says, my mood says. His eyes are for me only and I can see it in his actions, behavior and mannerism. I am so very lucky.
  • The strength my family has gained from this is unbelievable. You learn humility, patience, compassion, empathy and sheer unconditional love when you love someone with a chronic or terminal illness. I could explain but again it is so hard.
  • You appreciate the good moments because you never ever know how long they will last
  • The bad moments all it takes is a look by anyone in the family and we know we all need to go into hyper protective loving mode. That means the menial every day stuff like worrying about the coolest shoes, or newest phones means nothing. It is easy for us to get back down to a stripped down version of ourselves.
  • My faith and comfort in my faith has grown exponentially. I don’t care what others say about how faith should look and feel. I don’t care if others have and idea of what faith looks like and my look doesn’t match it. It has taken me awhile to be comfortable there, but I am. As is my guy. We are two of the most faithful and spiritual people I know and I love that. Our faith and belief in God is exactly what it should be, our journey. Our private faithful journey.
  • We are stronger because of our weaknesses.
  • The moments we get to laugh about TN. I never ever believed they would happen. I thought it would always feel so sad and morbid and that I had forever lost the goofy us that made me love us. It is back with vengeance and even better.  When you laugh about the absolute worst with someone that is true love in my opinion.
  • I know more about the brain than I ever thought humanly possible. I know how the nerves of the brain all tie together.
  • I know how to advocate for my husband’s health and do so almost daily.
  • I know we can and will survive no matter what.
  • I imagine there will be more trials where TN is concerned and I imagine other trials, but because of TN we have a base all set up for all five us to build off of.
  • That at 40 (almost 41) and 38 we have lived such a full and blessed life where despite the difficulties I recognize and am grateful for the man standing beside me and our three beautiful girls that walk behind us. This life is good.
  • FINALLY…..I literally feel like I can conquer anything! There is not a thing, person that I cannot conquer.

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