One step at a time…


January 10th – February 16th 

Weight Lost: 4lbs

Inches Lost: 4 inches (only measured this the last week which means holy cow I lost 4 inches in a week)

Program: T25 w/Shaun T and gave up soda pop completely

Steps: 350,000/150 miles

How I feel: Honestly, this is me forcing myself to care about me. I am always the first one to give up on myself and I need to stop. My girls need me to be healthy as does my guy. It is time. Last time I went all health nut and got burnt out super duper quick. This time my goal is to have fun while doing it. I am doing that by being accountable with a friend. But picking to do stuff and eat stuff that is fun for me. And everything is a competition against myself. But nothing feels better than saying I have not had a pepsi in over a month. I have wanted to kick that habit in the worst way for the last five years and felt so powerless to the addiction. I am so super proud of myself and praying it continues to be as easy as it has. I have only had a few days where I was felt so close to giving in, but I did great by asking those around me for support.

First Goal: To lose 15lbs/up steps to 12,000 a day/Control Portion Sizes

2nd Goal: To lost 25lbs/up steps to 12,000 with elevation added/21 Day Fix Completed

3rd Goal: To run this summer

Ways to Achieve That: 

Starting 21 Day Fix in March

Stay Positive and Accountable



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