Less of Me….It Ain’t Easy!

And I know all the wittisms that follow because I say them all the time. I never expected being more healthy would be easy. In fact, I like that it is not. A great internet friend of my mine always reminded me when I was feeling defeated about working out that I needed to remember that most people choose not to do it. That I suppose gives me some sort of inspiration because I have never ever forgot it.


But it is so easy to give up and not do it. This week was hard. I had a long work week at school with several long days, meetings that added extra hours to the day and parent teacher conferences. Add in there incessantly worrying about my husband and trying to maintain some sort of normalcy for my family and I was just beat. I wanted to not exercise and I would venture to guess that anyone that walked in my shoes would likely not have blamed me.

Then there is that sneaky little voice that says, “It is just 25 minutes” and it makes it seem silly that I can’t give myself 25 minutes a day to focus on me. I did it. I even doubled up on two incredibly hard days and I needed it. It let me work off the steam and stress. I felt accomplished and therefore felt better about the whole week once I did. I see and feel things changing.

I have one thing that keeps me going and those are my stats.

9 inches and 9lbs

But can I just talk for a minute about how good I feel? Giving up the caffeine by far made this whole thing worth it. I feel like I have officially detoxified my body. I think way more clearly and I don’t feel like I am in a constant sugar fog. I am still pretty tired in the morning but I am trying new things. I feel like some of this is just needing more sleep or better sleep. But most of it I know is grieving for the old routine and therefore I am trying to create a newer and healthier one. I haven’t found it yet, but I am close.

We are on week # 7 of T25 and heading into week # 9. I connected with Shaun T.’s facebook page to keep me motivated. The way I feel is night and day to how I felt in December. I drink so much more water than I ever even came close to drink at all last year.

In short. It feels good. I feel good.



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