Saturday Fix Sharing…And I Suppose Less of Me.

Hello All,

This week’s sharing I clearly have one thing on my mind and that is my 1st round of the 21 Day Fix. I am excited for it and have been immersed in the prep. I am not going to lie the prep of any clean eating diet is overwhelming and hard to do. However, I know that it is imperative for me that I do it.

21fix2If you want to combine all of my prep time together of grocery shopping, cutting, measuring and cleaning the fridge to make it work then I am at about 6 hours. That seems like a lot, but the grocery run will get better. I bought all new and fresher spices, I had to buy containers for the week, I had to prepare the dressings and free seasonings. I won’t have to likely do any of that minus maybe the dressings again. As well, I predict I will get better at the prep once I get an idea of what we like.

My guy is doing this with me as well, as is Kpuff and two internet friends. We basically printed out a grocery list and we both went through it and highlighted foods we liked or could tolerate. I made my own, but pinterest has some pre-made. Then I looked up recipes for 21 Day fix meals on pinterest. From there I combined the the two and made a grocery list and then I went shopping. It took me awhile because there is some label reading. 21 Day is a low sodium/no sodium diet.

Then I woke up this morning and as a family we measured out veggies, fruits, dressings, salads, recipe fixins and snacks. I basically have 15 of every thing that we both will eat and21fix3 about 7 of the things that only one of us like. It is all ready to go and all we have to do is grab it out of the fridge.

The 21 Day Fix doesn’t allow for iceberg and in the interest of being up front I couldn’t live without it, so I purchased a mixed greens salad mix which is predominantly iceberg and I dumped it in a huge bowl and then I added a large bag of spinach to it, a head of radicchio, a colorful lettuce my grocery store had and romaine lettuce. I mixed them all together and then chopped them with kitchen shears. I made 15 salads out of it and measured them out. My green lettuce to iceberg ratio is probably 3:1.

Meals Planned for this Week

21fix1Now all of these may not happen this week. I have over planned on purpose because it will keep me accountable and it is all prepped ready to make on the nights when I get home from work. As well, I will bring leftovers to work and add in salads or chicken when needed.

I found a garlic parsley mix that is 21 friendly at the grocery that I intend to bake 6 extra chicken breasts in for this week. Honestly, I am excited to start this. I will update with my meals and how it is going.

Kpuff and I are headed out to dinner at Takioka tonight to celebrate week 7 of T25 and to celebrate our beginning of 21 Day Fix tomorrow. We are proud of our hard work together.

With that…Happy Saturday! Remember love always wins! You just have to let it!



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