Calling myself a “Fixer”

“If we are creating ourselves all the time, then it is never too late to begin creating the bodies we want instead of the ones we mistakenly assume we are stuck with.”
Deepak Chopra

On day three of the 21 Day Fix and it is going really well. I guess I would officially call myself a fixer! It does go really well…except for the one day you screw up and boy howdy did I screw up. I could have given caution to the wind and tried again, but I stuck to it as best I could. More on my screw up later….

Day # 1 – (Red-3.5/Purple-2.5/Yellow-3/Green-4/Orange-1/Blue-1/2 tsp)

  • Breakfast-Turkey Bacon (2 Slices/1.5 Red), scrambled eggs (2/1 red), whole wheat toast (1/1 yellow), 1 tsp of almond butter and kiwi (2/1 purple)
  • Morning Snack-Carrots (10/1 Green) and almonds (10/1 blue)
  • Lunch-Salad Greens (1 green) and chicken (2 tenderloins/1 Red) with 21 Day Fix Dijon Dressing (.5 orange) and mushrooms (1 green)
  • Afternoon Snack-Strawberries (3/1.5 Purple) and greek yogurt plain (1/4 Red) topped with cinnamon *Hated this and ate two cut up berries and tossed
  • Dinner-Corn Tortilla Crisped in Oven (1/.5 Yellow),  taco meat (1 red), salad greens (1 green), sweet potato (.5 yellow) topped again with Dijon dressing (.5 orange)
  • Evening Snack-Whole Grain Toast (1 yellow), 1 tsp of almond butter and 2 strips of turkey bacon (.5 red)
  • 123 oz of water





Day # 2 – (Red-3/Purple-3/Blue-2/Orange-.5/Green-1/Yellow-4/3 tsp)

  • Breakfast- Whole Grain Toast (1/1 yellow), 1 tsp of almond butter,  kiwi (1/.5 purple) topped with 2 strips of turkey bacon (.5 red)
  • Morning Snack-Water and 1 tsp of almond butter
  • Lunch-Leftover Crispy Corn Tortilla topped with refried beans(1 yellow), taco meat (1 red), salad greens (1 green), tomatoes (.5 purple) topped with dijon dressing (.5 orange) with grapes (10/1 purple)
  • Dinner-Water and 1 tsp of almond butter
  • Thought I was dying and had a horrible headache so I consumed 2 snacks of almonds (2 blues)
  • Late Night Snack-Toasted Whole Wheat Bread (2/2 Yellow), 1 tsp of light mayo, tomato sliced (1 purple), 2 strips of turkey bacon (.5 red) and 2 hard boiled eggs (1 red)
  • 63 oz. water



Day 3 – (3.5-Red/3-Yellow/Orange-1/Blue-.5/Green-3.5/Purple-2.75/2 tsp)

  • Breakfast-Over easy eggs (2/1 red), 4 strips of turkey bacon (1 red) and 10 grapes (1 purple)
  • Morning Snack-Water
  • Lunch-Spinach Salad with tomatoes (1.5 green) and chicken (2 tenderloins/1 red) topped with fat free feta cheese (.5 blue) with olive oil (.5 orange), dash of vinegar pepper and garlic powder (free), and watermelon (3/4 purple)
  • Afternoon Snack- Water and replaced 1 yellow for skinny cow chocolate
  • Dinner-Pulled Pork (.5 red) on a whole wheat bun (1 yellow) only ended up eating half, 1 tsp of bbq sauce, spinach salad with some mushrooms and tomatoes  (1 green) with sprinkled garlic powder, vinegar and olive oil (.5 orange) steamed carrots with 1 tsp of agave nectar, (.5 Green) and steam broccoli (.5 green)
  • Snack will likely be whole wheat toast (1 yellow) and 1 tsp of almond butter with melon (1 purple)
  • 110 oz of water at this point (7:15) and I am probably good for 1 more 20 ozer!




I know several things are happening here with how I feel and my weight, my mental clarity and my body. I am so full. But I am doing this with several others who I know are not feeling the same. I also know my calories always are staying within the 1400-1450 range. I have always tracked my food intake on fit bit, but I have been more religious about it.

Yesterday was a special kind of horrible. I didn’t plan well. I thought I would have time because I believed we would have a delay for school and we didn’t. The morning was a rush and a blur and I kind of forgot about having class last night. I didn’t prepare well. I needed more protein to keep me going and moving and all I had was almonds and almond butter. I went over on the amount of almonds allowed but not almond butter. But I could feel my blood sugar tanking and I was not doing well. I was worried about passing out which is why I had such a big snack instead of dinner last night. I needed it bad!Thankfully once I had that protein my headache turned around and I felt better. Today has been much smoother. 

I also learned that even though I feel prepared I need to physically prepare my lunch at home the night before. Once I am at work, taking a few minutes to even pee is hard. I also learned that I hate the dressings that 21 Day Fix gives. I made two and hated them both. I was more than satisfied with half the orange container of olive oil, pepper and garlic seasoning that I had on my spinach salad today. It was actually amazing, so I am thinking I don’t need the dressings. As well, I am willing to compromise on that. I will use the orange container and use a low fat/no fat dressing if/when I grow bored of just olive oil and the pepper and garlic.

I have a love hate relationship salad greens. I get really tired of them, but I think the dressing helped with that. I hope anyway. The water increase hasn’t seemed too bad. I have been really focusing on increasing it since I gave up pepsi. I probably only added an extra 40-50 oz a day.

Now let’s talk about exercise. I felt strong and good doing T25 today. Yesterday was our rest day, so I wasn’t sure how I would do with the fix being 3 days in and T25, but I feel strong. We are doing so good. I feel like I get better every time and that is kind of how T25 works. I haven’t really looked at the 21 Day Fix videos because I don’t know if we will do them. Maybe if I like being a fixer then I will do another round.

Something is happening naturally that I wasn’t sure would. I am pretty good at eyeballing what the container sizes are. I can see the mistakes I was making in my eating before. Too much fat in my diet. Fats from heavy dressings with high calories and smothering my proteins. I also have an infinity for chips…or so I did.

The best news out of all of this I am not having major withdraws. The withdraws I made about a month and half ago really helped. I feel great. I don’t miss the small amounts of sugar I was having. I also realized that I don’t really miss carbs either minus the fact that they are usually a vehicle for my protein. But I feel like that is an easy fix. I am disappointed that 21 Day fix calls sweet potatoes a yellow and places them in the carb category. I understand, but I love sweet potatoes.

Probably the biggest change I have seen is how much more quickly I feel hungry and how quickly that feeling is eased when I eat. I assume that is all these greens. They are filling, but not long lasting.

18/21 Days outta the way!!!!



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