Just keeps on moving!

This week the officially my worst week of the school year. Not because anything horribly awful happened. It was just a bunch of little stuff. I found myself wanting to emotionally grab food. But honestly, this diet kept me focused. Changing habits like food prep, how much you intake and identifying what your body is craving versus what it wants. I can literally feel the chemistry in my body changing and I love it. I have lost weight but I am gonna keep that under wraps until the end of this particular journey. I can tell you a few things, I noticed immediate changes in everything. The way I felt, what I saw when I looked down at my own body, in the mirror, in my clothes and how they fit. That was all very immediate.

I do not find myself challenged by any of the eating other than I need more time. I get up at 5-5:30 and usually try and get steps in, prepare food my day and my kids day. Then I get ready and get us all out the door two hours later. Then the evening is even more jam packed with my own things and my kiddos things or my guys things. I still find myself craving for those few moments of solitude where I can focus a little on me. Rarely does it happen because if it comes about that I have a half an hour chances are I have essays to grade. Another weakness I have been working on…Bringing work home. I have been better about saying no, but I just cannot realistically get it all done.

But I suppose you would like to see my foods for the last few days. It has been good and I am finding I really enjoy the colors of my meals more than anything. There is so much color variance.

Day # 4 (Red-3/Yellow-2.5/Blue-.5/Purple-2.5/Green-3.75/Orange-.5/tsp-2)

  • Breakfast – Is becoming pretty standard every day. 2 Strips of turkey bacon (1/2 red), whole wheat toast (1 yellow) topped with 1 tsp of almond butter, and a fruit (1 purple). Sometimes I save fruit to devour during a mid-morning snack at my desk
  • Morning snack – Usually just make sure I keep the water going by this time if I haven’t had 40 oz I push it.
  • Lunch – Spinach salad (1 green), topped with tomatoes (1/2 green), grilled chicken (1 red), fat free feta cheese (1/4 blue), 21 Day Asian dressing (1/2 orange)
  • Afternoon snack – water – I usually am not having time for a snack but haven’t usually consumed much water at this point so I do it then
  • Dinner – Meatloaf muffins with onions and garlic (1 red and 1/4 green), corn (1/2 yellow), green salad topped with fat free feta cheese (1 green and 1/4 blue) and my usual dressing which is all free except olive oil (1/2 tsp) and pomegranate seeds (1/2 purple)
  • Snack – whole wheat toast (1 yellow), 10 carrots (1 green) and 1 hard boiled egg (1/2 red)
  • Water Intake: 90 oz.


My fitbit and I had to break up for a few days (aka dead battery) because got a snow storm and then a work storm. We are back together now and happily pushing one another along. I also use it to count calories to make sure I am staying in my ranges).


This is cuties step cousin the Halo…I am loving them. They are super sweet and great carry around snack food.


My 21 Day Fix Recipe meatloaf….I hated that this lacked color so I threw some of my fruit onto my salad. Fixed it right up..This was my favorite (and my family’s favorite recipe yet).

Day # 5 (Red-3/Green-3.75/Blue-.25/Orange-0/Purple-2.5/tsp-1)

  • Breakfast – The usual (1 yellow/1 tsp/1 purple/1/2 red)
  • Water Morning Snack
  • Lunch – Left overs from dinner so  meatloaf muffins with onions and garlic (1 red and 1/4 green), corn (1/2 yellow), green salad topped with avocado (1 green and 1/4 blue) and no dressing and pomegranate seeds (1/2 purple)
  • Dinner – Green Salad (1 green), taco meat (1 red), cheese (1/4 blue) and topped with salsa which is technically free, but I saw on BB board that you can count it as green too (1/2 green) and raw carrots (1 green)
  • Evening Snack – 1 egg (1/2 protein) and watermelon (1 purple) and glass of water
  • Water – 85 oz.


My guy always takes girls out for date on Thursday and they went to a Mexican restaurant so after seeing on BB boards and in the book that take out dinner is not out of the picture I decided to have him get it all on side. He got all the goodies on the side, the cheeses, the meat on one side and I basically had a deconstructed taco salad. I tossed out all the crap and none clean stuff. I of course could not eat the deep fried shell so that was the first thing to go. Then I measured out the meat and it made three containers worth. There was sour cream on it by accident so I scrapped all of it off and any lettuce it was touching. I added in two containers of greens to their greens. Then I measured out three salads. I added fat free cheese both times. I only ended up eating two one that night and one for lunch the next day and tossed the last.

Day 6 (Red-3/Orange-0/Purple-2.5/Green-3.25/Blue-1/2-tsp)

  • Breakfast – The usual (1 yellow/1 tsp/1 purple/1/2 red)
  • Water
  • Lunch – Green Salad (1 green), taco meat (1 red), cheese (1/4 blue) and topped with salsa (1/2 green) and watermelon (1 purple)
  • Dinner – Whole wheat spaghetti (1 yellow), spaghetti sauce (1/2 green), meat with minced onions and minced garlic (1/2 red and 1/4 green), salad (1 green) with usual dressing so (1 tsp) and unsweetened applesauce (1/2 purple)
  • PM Snack – Emerald natural pecans and almonds (3./4 blue)
  • Snack- Hard boiled eggs (1 red) and water
  • Water – 120 oz.


Again I am finding myself in love with the whole wheat, I loved the texture of the pasta. I thought it didn’t seem like much but then once I had the sauce and meat measured out and realized I couldn’t even come close to eating it all (hence the smaller portions there and ending up tossing it out) I realized it would work just fine. As well, a secret is I always eat my greens first so the rest goes if I am full. I loved this meal, but the calories were a bit higher because of the pasta I assume. I was still killing it though.


This is a good healthy snack for 21 day fix. I did have to scrape out a few since I had cheese in my lunch. Thankfully, I work with teenagers who are always ready and willing to take food off your hands no matter healthy or not.


And just so you know T25 still happens every single day! I love it and find it my reprieve from the chaos that is my life. Shaun is motivating me in ways I didn’t think possible in spiritual, emotional and uplifting ways. Even though I want to punch him sometimes. Beta is getting easier, but it is still so hard. But I am seeing changes so that makes it worth it.


I know the purpose of 21 day fix is so you aren’t having to count calories but I am obsessed to make sure I stay under my recommended calories. I was doing this before 21 and I will probably do it after. Sometimes I think seeing those numbers make it seem more real and puts it into perspective the things I put in my own body. My guy was telling me about a meal being made at a ball park this summer and its calorie count is at 1600 and I was gobstruck. I am eating way less than that a day and I cannot imagine doing that even for a treat. On that note I think  I will share my calorie counts to also track this for myself. I am even awestruck that in one day on average I would consume enough pepsi to be close to half of my calorie intake a day! WOWSERS!

  • Day 1 – 1474
  • Day 2 – 1343
  • Day 3 – 1135
  • Day 4 – 1092
  • Day 5 – 1314

I am actually allowed to have way more calories and I just can’t do anymore. I am thinking I have found a target range for me. You can see the first day when I felt like all I did was eat that was my highest calorie day. I believe my sweet spot is in the 1200 range despite the 21 day fix formula. I am so very pleased with the amazing amount of progress in 6 days so clearly it is working. I am not purposefully starving myself, I feel like I am eating exactly what I can and should be.

So I will just keep moving!



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