SOLSC: Busy Saturday!

Doing: If I am not coming today I am going. Such is life. Hoping that shopping for softball gear with my # 1 would bring on the Spring. Then home for a quick healthy lunch and more running kids here and there and picking them up from here and there. And driving. And driving. My guy’s birthday celebration tonight! I am grateful for it all! 1pm

Thinking: Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness ever.

fix22Doing: I did squeeze in a quick 20 minute walk outside and it was amazing. I also declared it an internet hands free day after the AM hence the no SOLSC post this this AM. My guy and I went out to dinner to celebrate another birthday together. I found an amazing and healthy salad option out and was super happy about that! Then we went shopping and ended up buying his birthday cake and his birthday cards. It was kinda funny, but I love hanging out with him and then we came home and declared it a family date night. We watched a movie and did laundry! Whoop! Whoop!

Thinking: I am a lucky momma/wife and life is as good as it can be.

So slice of life today is about the dull hum drum of the life of a being a mom and wife on a Saturday.



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