The Fix…

The one and only thing that bugs me about the 21 Day Fix (well minus the copious amounts of salad I have consumed) is that it has the word fix in it. This is something that I have fretted with since the beginning. Fix suggests that something is broken of which I am not. I cannot tell you how many times I have hushed myself and said I think WAY TOO MUCH about words. But I can’t help it because I am not broken. I am merely flawed and it took me all of two days to see the things that I needed to change.

fix23Sometimes it is natural and easy and sometimes not. Mondays are kicking my butt. The time change didn’t help that. What I did notice for the 2nd week in a row is that when I am overly tired that I am overly reaching for the sugar. I haven’t given in, but that is when the urge is the strongest. Then I remind myself of the success and it isn’t that hard.

I have noticed my grocery bill went up quite a bit too. Mostly on greens and then trying new veggies. I imagine once you get yourself into a routine and know what you like you are good. I know I spent way too much last week and ended up tossing a lot. This week I did better and limited myself to two new fruits and two new veggies and I think it will work out well.

I still cannot quite master dinner either, for example, Monday we did repeat tacos. Tonight the safe chicken. That is why this post will not have a beautifully bright pictures of all of my fix meals. They are on repeat. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There is one particular part I have truly enjoyed about this diet and that is my ability to swerve around dairy. Dairy and I have had a long standing poor relationship and most diets want you to use dairy as a protein or healthier fat supplement. I cannot. It just kills me. In fact, I haven’t had any minus my minuscule fat free feta cheese. I had it the other day and my body had a worse than normal reaction to it. I won’t be doing that again.

Day 7 * Is my number off, I feel like it is and I am losing days but I go by instagram pics:)? (Red-3/Purple-2/Yellow-0/Green-3/Blue-.5/ Orange-0/1 tsp)

  • Breakfast – Two over easy eggs (1 red), 4 slices of turkey bacon (1 red) and 2 clementines (1 purple)
  • Lunch – Green salad (1 green), 1 tsp olive oil, salt and pepper
  • Dinner – This was the night I went to dinner with my guy for his birthday and we went to Wings Etc. For this I ordered a chicken Cesar and deconstructed it. I ordered everything on the side and found out I love black olives in a salad. Romaine Salad (1.5 greens), mozzarella cheese (1/2 blue), grilled chicken (1 red), black olives (.5 green) and then ranch. They brought me two small cups and I tried to eyeball 1 tsp and I came home and ate some watermelon (1 purple).
  • Water – 85 oz

Day 8 (Red-3/Purple-2/Green-1.5/Yellow-3/Blue-1/tsp-2)

  • Breakfast – 1 hard boiled egg (.5 red), whole wheat toast (1 yellow) with 1 tsp of cashew butter (1 tsp)
  • Lunch – Salad (1 green) topped with baked chicken (1 red) and water melon (1 purple) and 1 tsp of olive oil (1 tsp) and lemon juice alongside whole wheat pasta (1 yellow) and spaghetti sauce (.5 red/.5 green)
  • Dinner – ham (1 red), sweet potatoes (1 yellow), strawberries (.5 purple), watermelon (.5 purple) and cottage cheese (1 blue)
  • Water – 100 oz

I really needed to get to grocery this day and didn’t like anything I had really. But I hate and you can see it wasn’t my best day. My containers were short, my calories were short and it all just made me feel blah. It was because it was yellow heavy (even though didn’t go over my allowance) instead of my normal green heavy.


Found out I like spaghetti squash. I haven’t eaten any yet, just a taste but I was looking for a pasta alternative. You can tell when I have pasta it racks up the calories. I wanted an alternative and I think it would totally work. I did try it Monday as a plain pasta sub and ick!

Day 9 (Red-2/Purple-3/Green-3.5/Yellow-1.5/Blue-1.5/Orange-0/tsp-1)

  • Breakfast – Clementines (1 purple) and 1 tsp of almond butter with whole wheat toast (1 yellow/1 tsp)
  • Lunch – Salad (1 green)  topped with chicken (1 red) and fat free feta cheese (.5 blue) and 1 tsp olive oil with 2 clementines (1 purple) – Tired of dressing so none
  • Afternoon snack – 10 Natural Almonds (1 blue)
  • Dinner – Corn tortilla baked in oven (.5 yellow) topped with beans (.5), taco meat (1 red), salad greens (1 green) and tomatoes (.5 green) and cheddar cheese (.5 blue) with a side salad (.5 green) and 2 kiwi (1 purple) all topped with salsa (.5 green)
  • Water 65 oz.

I went over on my blues today (healthy fats) but as I said Mondays sleigh me. I am hungry, cranky and struggle to get with it. Add in being at work early for a presentation, and a long meeting after work at my kiddos school. I didn’t care. I also missed my protein by far.


Day 10 (Red-2.5/Orange-.5/Yellow-3/Green-3/Purple-2.5/Blue-1/tsp-0)

  • Breakfast – 2 slices of turkey bacon (.5 red), 2 clementines (1 purple)
  • Lunch – 2 pieces of whole wheat toast (2 yellows), topped with 1 small yellow tomato (.5 green) and two pieces of green lettuce (.5 green) and two slices of turkey bacon (.5 red); 2 clementines (1 purple)
  • Afternoon snack – 1 emerald all natural pecans (1 blue)
  • Dinner – Roasted Chicken (1.5), broccoli and carrots (1.5 greens), salad (.5 green) topped with low cal/low fat dressing (.5 orange) and 1 natural unsweetened applesauce (.5 purple)
  • PM Snack – air popped popcorn (.5 yellow)
  • Water 75 oz




Found out this day just because a salad is pretty doesn’t make it good. This salad was a special kind of horrible today! Ewww! I ate half and tossed the rest. I think the popcorn score made it all better!!!!

Calorie Intake 

  • 459 (low because I went to dinner and have no idea on calories but I know I kept it clean and I did well so I am confident I was in my range)
  • 1098
  • 1363
  • 879

Okay water is clearly an issue when at work but that is the lack of ability to pee. 🙂 Just being honest here! I also tried a 21 Day Fix workout and wow was it tough, but I loved it. I feel like it is way more targeted toward females and their problem areas.

As well, I am 1 pound away from my first goal and waiting anxiously for it to fall off. Then I will announce. I am completely proud and shocked by the number. But I get it. It does seem daunting when I think about how much I want to lose. But I know it didn’t get there over night so I work.

And because I can…I loved this tomato I cut earlier in the week. It was in the shape of a heart! It reminded me love always wins.



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