Living by stats…

I kinda live by stats by now and I am kinda okay with it. I have to track my progress or lack of and if stats are a way to do it….SO BE IT! I know I am more than a number. In fact, I know I am more important than any number. But sometimes those numbers keep me going when I want to quit.

This week has been stressful. It is the mount up to Spring Break, it is our Spring musical and my first running lights and music stuff. Add in grading essays, just the general stress of a teacher in the spring and I am tired. I am doing great in the food department, but horrible in the motivation to work out department. I think that is coupling with the end of our Beta on T25. The downside to a program like T25 is the repeating exercise routines. Especially toward the end of the that cycle of a program, that is when I think Shaun T. decides to focus on ideal spots like abs. I just get bored. But are finished on Sunday with T25 Beta and we are actually going to move to Gamma. I am worried I may die, but I am also looking forward to fresh stuff.  I have done a few 21 Day fix routines and they are really good.

But this is less about all of that and about some stats. Tomorrow is the official last day of 21 Day fix and I see as a complete and utter change in my thinking. I see food and appreciate it much differently. Kpuff and I are taking our guys out to dinner tomorrow to celebrate the end of the fix. But I gotta be honest, I am struggling to imagine a life without my fix type meals. I can’t say I will be as strict, but I can and will say I have thoroughly changed how I will eat daily. I can’t really articulate that right now, but I will eventually.

Now stats for a few things…

  • 1st week of 21 Day Fix: 9lbs lost
  • 2nd week of 21 Day Fix: 3lbs lost
  • 3rd week of 21 Day Fix: 4lbs lost
  • 7 inches (edited to add 3/22)

I have inches, but I don’t have them tallied until tomorrow. I am just assuming I wouldn’t lose another pound by tomorrow. But The Fix didn’t fix me. I fixed me. I did this in January and when looking at those decisions in numbers you will see there has been a drastic change.

My Stats In Numbers

  • 653,477 Steps
  • 278 Miles altogether
  • I have walked the entire underground of London since January which is 250 miles
  • Daily Average for calories burned is 2500
  • Since starting the Fix my average caloric intake is 1100
  • My average caloric intake before the Fix was 2200
  • This means I am burning way more than I ever consume which equals loss…WAHOO!!! I know this but…..It is in real time numbers.
  • According to my fitbit I spend most of my days in fairly active (76%) and the rest except after 9:30 is spent in fairly active
  • From 10 to 5AM I am sleep and am usually inactive
  • I have lost 24lbs
  • My clothes are not even loose anymore they are falling off and I feel better, despite having more to go

My Caloric Intake since last go round of the blog:

  • Sunday, March 15 – 1103
  • Monday, March 16 – 1051
  • Tuesday, March 17 – 1144
  • Wednesday, March 18 – 1218
  • Thursday, March 19 – 1149
  • Friday, March 20 – 1242

And well…..I have found out one important thing. I love a lot of food I had no idea I loved.


I am so in love with over roasted asparagus and it gives me a crunch I am missing. The recipe I have calls them ugly beans, but I have dub them ugly fries and actually switched from green beans to asparagus. I have had them about 7 times this week and they are amazing. You should make them. I have uglyfied sugar snapped peas and tried carrots. Blech! But asparagus is where it is at for sure! Green beans are good, too!


And avocado, I have always known this was good, but now I really know. In fact, I was irritated because the FIX treated it as if it were a naughty step child. And I understand why, it is full of fat but I literally spent two hours last night researching the health benefits of avocados especially to working out and metabolism. I have no problem with just a half, but Fix only lets in a tiny small bit.


Turkey burgers dressed up aren’t all that bad. You get the same taste and feeling from them as a regular burger but with half the calories and fat. Wahoo! That is good in my book. Although, I am looking for a yummy healthy and low cal bun because these are horrible. I have tried them twice and eww! They are healthy life something or nother.


And guess what is 21 Day Fix friendly? Or at least I made it 21 Day Fix friendly…21 Day Fix Salmon Patties.  This is lunch tomorrow with a side of ugly fries. They are amazing. This would be 1 red and 1 green. I made three patties to have around. I love salmon patties. I used to love it with a huge helping of macaroni and cheese, but that won’t be happening despite quite a few 21 Day Fix recipes for it. I am trying to just avoid dairy altogether.

And with that I will end it. Despite knowing I am more than a number sometimes seeing it this way reminds me of how far I have come despite having much further to go. I am making strides.


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