You are doing it again!

Stop it! And stop it now and I mean it. This is NOT about them. Or them. Or even them. It is about you. It is about liking what you see in the mirror, it is about noticing that girl that has been hiding for awhile. Sometimes she hid in behind a pepsi can or fat laden food.

But most of the time she just hid from the hard stuff. Well because it was hard. But stop it now. Life is hard and how is it you have deal with a tough life in literally every single 3b0d49d6623e7dbaa94204fba1936a79breathable speak-able aspect but this one area.

The one area that is the most public and provides you the most notice…or lack there of. So quit hiding. And yes I noticed when someone pointed out your hard work that your first reaction was to try and hide it. As if losing weight is something to be ashamed of. Wasn’t it just you who said the 21 Day Fix isn’t about fixing anything? LIVE IT GIRL!

Less of me has never ever been about hiding who you are. Be proud. Be proud if you weigh 600lbs or be proud if you weigh 60. No matter what happens there is good there. But remember the purpose, the goal here is take a time of every single day to say to yourself.

You matter. And be okay with the fact that sometimes another work out feels like another work out. That doesn’t make it any less important or you any more likely to fail. The only way you fail is if you don’t show up and don’t do it!

And damn girl look at the picture again. You know the one…You passed by the mirror and you noticed. You saw the change. You felt pretty. You felt the efforts of your work. You didn’t just see it or feel it. You recorded it, so I know it meant something to you.

Be her. Be that girl. Not the one that followed 30 seconds later that told yourself you are so vain and the put the camera away. Yea shut her up. Journey on…..Love yourself because Love Always Wins! And girl get some sleep…you look tired!


3 thoughts on “You are doing it again!

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