All these irons and not enough fire…

Wonders to self why I committed myself to something so challenging when I knew I was already in over my head. For the last year I have been watching Two Writing Teachers and their Slice of Life Challenge and I loved the idea. And then my bloggy friend, Jackie, has been so inspiring at SOL Challenge 2015.

My revolution (diet/mental/health), musical at our school (our first one ever!!!), three kids, a hubby whose health is okay at best, golf season for the golf coach husband, end of grading quarter and I believed I could complete it how?

I didn’t even come close. I gave up day three because sleep always wins out around these parts. I gotta sleep somehow some time! I will finally participate in the challenge at some point or another. I am trying so hard at being better at recognizing things I need to be honest with myself with. I should have done that here. But can’t beat myself up.

The thing I have enjoyed the most about it is reading everyone’s Slice of Life posts. It is so nice to know I am not alone! Especially since it naturally draws people with similar interests because if the Two English teachers and such! And see it goes so far beyond that as well. Just a supportive writing community which I tell my students is so hard and so valuable to find.

Oh and other irons….I don’t mean to turn this blog into all food all 21 Day Fix all the time. But that is kind of what blogging is about for me. It is way less about keeping and maintaining a theme, but instead showing my life how it really is. So it naturally lends itself to the slice of life. My slice right now is full of teaching, parenting and teaching myself how to make me a priority.

That doesn’t mean the other things happening take a back burner, it just means it is being managed as it best can. I am so very proud of how life is going. The chaos is managed but in it I have clarity and peace. Something I didn’t have previously. There isn’t enough time in this world for all the things I want and need to do. But there is enough time for the things that are important to me and leave a lasting impression on this earth.

We went through an accreditation process this week at work and after reflecting on that process I began to see that I am getting so much better at voicing how I feel and owning my own priorities. Case in point, the question inevitably comes up why I would want to teach high school students as a college teacher. For years I gave the socially acceptable answers though I didn’t realize it at the time. Finally, I said, “Because I want to. I like the challenge. I believe in what we are doing here.” That is just a pinpoint example of the larger example of being okay in my own skin. That wouldn’t be taking place without my revolution. I own it.

That is love winning folks and me letting it. I love what deciding love always wins has done for me. It has literally touched every single part of my life and soul. It has allowed me to have so many irons in the fire and to be okay to let a few stay cold for awhile. There will be time eventually for it all….until then I continue on.



3 thoughts on “All these irons and not enough fire…

  1. I love that final quote and image too! Shannon, your journey towards healthier living and the way you are juggling your family life is so inspiring to me–the slice of life challenge will be there next year, and in the meantime, there’s always Tuesday.

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