Fixed and Then Some.

I am not fixing anymore, but I am trying really hard to eat similarly. I am basically clean eating with portion control. So I guess that is the fix. I haven’t really cheated. I hate that word though. It isn’t a cheat. You have to eat. You just have to be smart about it and I have been extremely smart about the eating.

I did go out to dinner with my guy the other night and I decided to get a burger that was fix38loaded with crap. Do you realize how long it had been since I had had crap?! Well I did. I am not gonna lie and say it didn’t taste amazing. It did. But what I will say is my body had a definite reaction. I felt horrible for about 8 hours. Basically, like I had a stomach virus without the ability to find any sort of relief. However, I was good in my decision. I immediately took my meal apart and made portions. Portions that I never did eat.

What did happen though that has me mad at myself….is I got suckered by steel cut oats. I have basically made this small 1/2 cup portion, a yellow, a part of my every day. I did so on the guise that it was 150 calories. Well, 1/4th cup is 150 calories. That is way too high caloric intake for the AM when I was eating a fruit and a protein. When I added it into my daily intake and I was at 520 by 7:30. I was not happy! It is my own fault and I should have paid better attention, but no! I really try hard to keep most meals at around 300 calories.

Thankfully, I have maintained about a 2lb weight loss a week this past week. We will see how this week goes since I am finally on spring break. It can either go really good or really bad. So far today because I had steel cut oats I have had really low cal foods. But I am still stuffed and eating well.

I did also bump down in my caloric intake (and 21 day fix containers) with the weight loss. Another mistake I made. I am just not ready for round 2. I am thinking I will keep doing what I do. I did decide to stick with the carb requirement (2 yellows) for my diet.

fix36You know this post? Well I want to share the picture. I can tell here that the weight loss is happening. I saw myself passing by in mirror and felt jarred by the change. I snapped a picture really quick and then felt ashamed like I am talking/thinking/obsessing about myself too much lately. As if I should be ashamed for my hard work. I hate that feeling or that I even let it get to me.

And can I just say how proud I am of Kpuff and myself? We are in T25 gamma. That is we are on week 12 of T25. For 12 weeks we have made working out a priority. Sure it is sometimes hard, but we do it. We do it faithfully. That is a commitment to self and to betterment. That is isn’t vanity. I am eager to see what we do next. My mind races daily with options. I am doing better in the KPuff gym and sometimes my living room than I have ever done at a gym. I feel a bit freer to work a bit harder and I will never ever say being accountable to working out with someone else is a waste of time because it isn’t. It keeps things real. Sometimes we are happy, sometimes we are grumpy. But we always have to check in one a day a least and say, “Today I am doing it.” I have loved every minute of that and am super grateful for the opportunity.

“Your current body is the only body that can take you to your new body—so be kind to it.”
Elaine Moran


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