Love Winning: TN Update

Thankfully, the sun is shining and the frost is melting. That in my household means that things tend to get better for TN. Things are the same. They are steady. The meds he is on have crushing side effects that disrupt our family dynamic. He is very fatigued and grumpy. Which makes us all very similar.

He tried playing with various dosages up and down hoping to help as directed and little changes in the side effects. They want him to remain on them until he heads back to see them here in a couple of weeks. So he is. He is really thinking he would like to go back to the original med he was on.

The new doctor didn’t like that one as much because it treats the overall nerve system. And he felt like this one is used to treat specifically the trigeminal nerve. He has never ever done well on it which is why we weren’t eager for the switch.

I am headed to the doctor with him this time because he struggles sometimes remembering some things that they ask. He does well in normal every day lives, but sometimes struggles with the details of life.

But overall, dare I say it…..Life has felt pretty normal. We also know that the warmer temperatures have the ability to lull us into a false sense of reality. Then the temps drop and we get the reminders.

Out to dinner on Friday where the high temp for the day was 32 degrees. He was eating and the pain was fast, sudden and painful. He is used to this. Me, no matter how long I have watched this I will never get used to it. I say, “What? Are you in pain?” He rubs the nerve. Smiles and tries to act like it isn’t happening. The mood is just different. It sucks.

I am not at all sure where he is headed. I am not sure what we even want. Another winter. Another cold day. Another barometric weather change….they scare me. Every single day.

But that is the update.


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