Out of the comfort zone but completely comfortable.

Something very unique has been happening for me the last three months. I have found out things about myself I never really knew. Things like I love blackberries and raspberries and that I don’t like mangoes. I don’t like them mostly because they are too similar in texture to pineapples. Still hate pineapples.

But I have also found out I can do things I never thought possible. Things like lifting weights and enjoying how it makes me feel when I do. Or enjoying the crazy sweat after a nutty crazy workout. And yes if you are a longtime reader you know I have been down this weight loss road before. And I am not sure what happened.

But I know how it makes me feel that I am here again. That is something that I could beat myself up over, but what is unique about this time and different for me is my resistance and reluctance to teaching myself how to eat for my body. I very much have always lived believing that working out was the only thing necessary for a healthy body.

That was naive and foolish and probably where I messed up most because I was not fueling my body for the work and health I wanted. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t successful. It was because I lost a lot of weight. But I couldn’t sustain it. Now I feel like I can. I also have figured out what works for me and my body when it comes to food.

And the food I have been making is amazing and sustains me. For example, I read this great article from Rachel Ray’s magazine about mashing which is where you take toast and mash a healthy veg into. Seems okay right? Well can I just tell you it took my plain old turkey sammie to new levels tonight?

fix39I smashed half an avocado into toasted bread and loaded it full of lettuce and tomato and added my go-to zero calorie condiment grey poupon and doused it with fresh ground pepper. I had four small slices of sara lee honey roasted turkey. It was amazing. The best sandwich I have ever had in my life and no I am not just saying that. It had about 220 calories and I had it with a side low fat cottage cheese for an additional 56 calories. I am still full and it was amazing.

Or we could talk about the banana muffins I made. I used this recipe and they taste exactly the same as my usual recipe. I added in my 2 tbsp peanut butter made of of PB2 which is my favorite treat diet or no diet. AMAZING!!! I didn’t even tell my family they were a “healthy” version of banana bread. I just said I made them smaller for me. They loved them.


Heck I even tried a meatless fish. How does this happen you ask? I have been very intrigued by meatless options and they did look super yummy in their packaging and I am a huge packaging person. So I was immediately in love. At first it bugged me a little thinking I was going to have a reaction to them. But they tasted like a complete cheat and they weren’t. YEA! Fish allergies have me afraid and the kind I am not allergic to is super pricey. So this Gardein variety worked.


But I cannot bring myself to eat a meatless hot dog. For some reason that is a ridiculous craving I have been having. A hot dog is not something I usually eat anyway, but for some odd reason I am wanting one. I am not giving in, but I have meandered a bit by the meatless options. Kpuff keeps saying, “No, don’t do it. They aren’t good.” So I will listen.


The most important thing I can do to help myself is keeping food to snack on with me. I keep clementines on me at all times. Popcorn is another go-to that I carry. They both are low cal and good grab and go options. I feel like more and more cleaning eating is my new way of life.

And finally I made the most amazing clean meal of pot roast, carrots, half a sweet potato and wild rice with quinoa. It was so amazing! NOMS!

Using good for fuel, not comfort. FINALLY I have figured out my own equation.


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