It isn’t for everybody.

This semester I am taking a really fun and thought provoking class. It is the rhetoric of social movements. I have been all over the place with my final decision in a topic. I started with health social movements (think ice bucket challenge) and then moved to educational movements then specifically to teacher’s unions. But then I had a thought yesterday why in the world am I not writing about something I am passionate about? It didn’t have to be aligned to my specialty or guiding in my field.

I began to think and wonder why not explore the social movements of food. Specifically, I found myself intrigued and interested in the this idea of how the social movements sometimes create an other or show privilege. If we look at access and those who fight for it or what we think of it as a society. I specifically focusing on cultural otherness with the food movement.

4colorsealGIFFor example, if a person wanted to live a organic, vegetarian/vegan lifestyle they have to be able to afford it. Money alone denies or grants access. And yes it does cost more. Therefore, it creates a have and have not situation. Every single time I have gone down the diet/fitness road money and the need for it is always the first thing I have noticed. We don’t spend frivolously nor can we afford to.


There is much of our culture that is set up this way. Non-healthy foods are cheaper, easier to access and has the financial power to back it. However, because of social movements (the reason for this class) alternative options have been becoming more and more prominent. With more demand the cost should begin to make it more accessible.

It has also created an alternative to this social movement in the way products market to society. If they make it look more “natural” they can mark up the price and make it more appealing to those seeking out the alternatives. It is laden with deceit because then a personal assumes they are consuming something that aligns with their beliefs and values when really they unintentionally become a part of the problem of access.

So there you see my paper in a nutshell.


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