What I have learned in my revolution so far…

workout1All week long the scratchy throat, the small nasal drips, the borderline ache and fatigue has been plaguing me. At first I assumed allergies because I am known for spring allergies. Then it felt better with meds. Then I felt crummy again. No one in my family has really been too sick, but my colleague in my department was out twice this week and suffered similarly to myself and we are working the musical together. So I guess what I am saying is we will see. I spent most of this weekend in bed trying to rest up. We are two weeks until the musical and my guy’s golf season starts, so to say I have no time for illness is an understatement. But I suppose that is when it always comes.

I tried shakeology sample kit this week a few times and was kinda disappointed, then even more disappointed and then I fell in love. I have to use the vegan varieties because I don’t really have dairy at all anymore and am intolerant. The first day I did it on a weekend and felt so ridiculously full I was uncomfortable. It felt chalky and blah. I gave it a few days andworkout3 tried strawberry and it was miserable. In my defense, I am not a huge strawberry fan in shakes. The next morning was insanely busy and I acquired a blender that works and tried the chocolate again. I drank it on way to work and once there. I loved the convenience. I felt amazing all day and had energy I wouldn’t normally have. It was the one day I felt entirely healthy all day long and my calorie intake for that day ended up being 800 even and I felt full. So I was sold. I ordered more.

But why I am really here is more to discuss what I have learned in my revolution so far. It is no secret I learned how to eat better. But I have also learned some other things that have some value.

  • Sleep is so very important and the difference between eating good and not eating good usually relies on this for me
  • That if I make a bad choice then I pretty much throw out that whole day and eat like crap (binge eating anyone?). My solution is to just not.
  • My body responds horribly to not eating healthy and it is usually never worth it
  • Weight training slows weight loss but increases inches lost
  • I love lifting weights and how strong it makes me feel physically and emotionally
  • KPuff and I have almost completed T25 which means we have done it for 14 weeks! Wahooo!
  • This journey is about so much more than a scale. It is about emotional and physical well being. It is about doing something for myself. It is about taking care of my needs.
  • My will power is stubbornly strong. I also am very forgiving.
  • It is about me. The moment it is about someone else or someone else tries to make me think I need to do it their way the fun is sucked out and I am miserable.
  • Writing about it all isn’t necessarily the most exciting read, but it is good to share and it keeps me accountable.

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