They kinda saved my life.

And yes there maybe a little flare of the dramatic in that title. But I have no doubt. Yesterday a friend of mine posted an article on her facebook page. An article that as soon as I read the title, “How I gave up tupperware and got my life back.” I knew immediately what that title was about. I opened it and let it queue in my phone on the app for most of the day because I knew there would be no time to read it.

Blog1As soon as I was snuggled in bed last night I opened it back up and fell asleep before I was even through the first paragraph. And this was not because it was overly boring. It was because I was overly tired, overly emotional and I just needed to shut down. As soon as I opened my eyes this morning and had a cup of a coffee I turned on my phone and I remembered it. I finally had a chance to read. And the more I read the more I found myself thinking and then shouting, “yes”.

But that same yes was audibly heard in my bathroom about two weeks ago. My guy and I watching a show in bed and I say, “hey I am gonna run to the bathroom be right back.” A few moments later a loud and piercing, “Yes!” echos from our bathroom. He giggles and I giggle back. I open the door and he is looking at me confused and trying to read my face.

I never weigh myself at night. It is probably on  the top of every girl trying to lose weight’s top do not do list. But something compelled me that day. So I did. I saw that I had lost a stubborn two pounds that I had not managed to lose because of the addition of weights to my work out schedule.

And you wonder why this goofy story right? Well that two pounds was the first movement I had seen in two weeks. It was also something that I credit to my containers. I so understand the “prepping” part of weight loss and watch and I understand it can create an obsession. Most hate it. Most become frustrated with it and give it up. Some use it as an excuse and give it up. Heck I am all of three of those.

But my containers…They saved my life. They didn’t just kind of save my life. The completely saved my life. Call it dramatic if you will and I am okay with that. I am two root canals and three crowns in. I am in a three year treatment plan to salvage and strengthen my teeth. I am on a mission to save myself from the damage I have done to my nails, my bones and my body. These things have all been victims to my poor diet choices.

I thank God every single day that something in me clicked and I turned it around. I struggle even seeing going back. I see food very differently now. It may have started with a fad diet of pretty and colorful containers. But it has since turned into something very different. A saving of myself.

Three years ago I started a blog category titled, “One last thing.” I never really shared what it was for. Mostly because it was my one last thing. But when I look at my life and I think about all that I have had the ability to conquer and do my health has always been something that I just couldn’t. The roots of that are so very deep and something I haven’t even begun to deal with. But it was a combo revolution, root canal, taking time for myself and deciding I was worth it.

And yea my containers did that for me. I know for a fact that my relationship with food in the past has been unhealthy. I realized that good, healthy cooking and food  is so much more than what I thought it was. It can also be all cancelled out by poor choices. Poor choices like my pepsi addiction.

I don’t step on the scale every day. I am not obsessed with my next meal and what it can or can’t do to that daily number. What I have found and probably just realized more recently is if I eat right and make the best choices I can the rest just happens naturally.

The last few weeks I have heard multiple times “You are just melting away.” And I am not gonna sit here and act like I don’t work for it because I do and I work hard. But I am also not going to say that it has been incredibly hard. It hasn’t. I eat all the time. I just eat good foods that fuel my body. I also acknowledge that when I want to splurge I have to or it just won’t work.

And it has worked. I feel great which is the top priority here. I am getting my health back in line with where it needs and should be. I don’t feel deprived or depressed because I can’t have this or that. If I want it I have it. And if the scale reflects that choice tomorrow I refuse to beat myself up for that. I spent far too long beating myself up for the poor choices I was making. If 98% of my choices are good then yea.

This has been and will continue to be about loving myself. This is my revolution.


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